322 7th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

Found 3 reports:

This building has had one instance of bed bugs, dating from December 2010, involving one apartment in the building.

Management immediately reported the case of bed bugs and licensed Pest Control was on premises within 3 hours of reporting. They treated the apartment several times to exterminate the pests.

Pest Control also checked all the apartments around the suite that reported the bed bugs. They informed us that the infestation has NOT spread outside of that apartment and that it is c

ontained and responsive to treatment.

It is incorrect that the management has not responded to the report in a very timely manner.

see full report...

There is bed bugs December 2010, they are in this along with silver fish if someone else has reported it to the manager nothing has been done, since June when this was last reported they are getting worse in this apartment.

I have bed bugs..Just found them..Moved in here in June 2010....I found 7 on my box spring and 1 crawling down the wall. Which leads me to believe the building is infested. Going to talk to landlord tonight and see what happens. Either way I will spray my suite....disgusting!!!!

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