320 9th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I moved into a suite, which unbeknownst to me, was already infested. To my knowledge, the extent of pest control done on my suite involved only carpet steaming.

I reported my situation to management. They insisted that this had never been a problem in the building and that they blamed me for bringing them in. They did, eventually, call an exterminator. This exterminator had no uniform, drove an unmarked vehicle, and provided did not phone me to inform me of preparations to be made. He

was sub-par. Villa Margarita's pest control solution is not sufficient.

Because management did not believe follow-up treatment is required, the infestation recurred and I lost thousands of dollars worth of furniture that I threw out to break away from the problem when I finally moved out (after hiring my own exterminator).

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The bugs originate on the third floor of the West side of the building. They come down to other floors mainly through the bathroom vents. This seems odd, but I have captured several bugs and, after informing tenants, two other tenants have also captured bed bugs in their bathrooms. If you live on the West side of the building, you should cover your bathroom ceiling fan to prevent bed bugs from entering your suite. (also check your ceiling light fixtures. Mine contained several dead bed bugs).

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I lived in this building for a few months last year. It DOES have beg bugs. The residents say their only in half the building, but I lived in the other side, and I got bed bugs too.
The building is so old and is in such a crappy state, I wont be surprised to hear that the walls and floors are made of bed bugs

I lived in a suite in this building from October-May 2010 and while I was moving into my new apartment on May 1st I noticed a bed bug on my blanket that I stored with my extra bedding. I had to get all of my stuff in my new apartment sprayed by a pest guy. I wasn't sure if I got them from work or the old apartment but when a resident who still lived at the apartment contacted me to ask about bed bugs, I realize I got them from the old apartment.

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