236 8th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I used to live there .. the suite beside us belonged to horders and they took in a lot of donated clothing .. they had to throw out their matress which was crawling with bugs .. they dragged it down the hallway uncovered ... ummm yeah we moved out after they treated out apartment 4 times .. we had negative findings each time they inspected but the Manager was smart and treated us anyways. I found Gateway to not be bad, but I think they need to crack down on horders and people's cleanliness

Ok thats great and all about tenant repsonsibility, but there are bed bugs and the whole building needs to be sprayed...so why havent you sprayed the entire building? hm?

Please be advise that Gatway does take bed bugs seriously!!! They investigate and treat the
unit(s) affected and the surrounding units also get treated. Tenants don't always report bedbugs until they are out of control. Bed bug control starts with the tenants!

There are actually 3 Suites on the 2nd Floor infested with Bed Bugs. The Neighbours do not have to be Dirty !!! Shit happens, however the Landlords, Gateway Property Management are doing nothing about it !!!!!!!!!! They spray a Suite and that is all they do !!!!! You can NOT get rid of Bed Bugs by Spraying 1 Suite. The whole Building needs to be done !!! The Management is Terrible. Building had NO live in Landlord who has to worry about this problem so they sweep it under the carpet. One Suite h

as had to be sprayed several times as the Bed Bugs keep coming back. It will be no time at all before they reach the other floors and you become their bate. Time to move out before that happens. !!! One word of advice GATEWAY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT operated Buildings B E W A R E !!! They are Losers, who do NOT care about the Tenants and only think about the MONEY that is coming in !!!

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Dirty neighbour, infest 2nd floor

Dirty neighbour, infest 2nd floor

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