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First noticed a bug while re-arranging my bedroom furniture late October, 2010. Wasn't sure what it was but it created a stink when I squished it.
Then, I noticed a few blood smears on my bed and decided to do some research.
Discovered the little critter I had killed was a bedbug so I tore my room apart and found about seven in total.
I had my sister in the other bedroom check her room as well and after careful analyzing, she had discovered one.
My sister and her boyfriend both had itchy bit

es too.
Apparently our apartment is the only one in the building that has discovered bed-bugs, but who really knows. Who wants to admit, let alone accept that these disgusting blood-sucking bugs have somehow snuck their way into your home?!
My place has been sprayed three times,(twice in November 2010, once in December 2010) and my sister still is getting bit on occasion so we are getting a fourth spray. God help us.

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