211 11th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

Found 4 reports:

moved in, 4 people have mentioned they have had or
have bedbugs. management not informing tenants there are bedbugs in units. if asked, management
says there is no problem, and not to listen to rumours.

I am hoping you reported this to management, as I also live in this building and do not want them to spread, especially to my apartment.

Lived here few months. Couple weeks ago started waking up with bites in the morning. Finally after a week decided to move the bed and found 1 spider. Freaked out, thought that was the thing biting me, vacuumed it. Then moved the bed, and found 1 bed bug. I searched entire room high and low, all cracks and corners, it was the only bed bug found! But it was full size, exactly like the bug in the logo on this website. Since then, haven't had any more bites. But I have no idea how the one bug got he

re. Maybe climbed through power outlet from neighboring apartment.

see full report...

Test... Testing... Bug fixed on the site?

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