1211 Cameron St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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The manager Tess will tell you there is no bugs, but she is a liar. the place is crawling with them. If you are Filipino she will get right on the problem fast but if you are not she will drag her heels. Another advantage of being 'pino is you don't have to pay hydro, she was quoted " Let the white people pay the Hydro bills" mine was 125 bucks the guy across from me ZERO!!! This building is Sahota owned biggest slumlord in B.C. This Happened march 2012

Moved in February 2010, moving out November 2011.
This apartment is just about the worst place I've ever lived. We started noticing bed bugs around the 2nd month, reported it to managers, and they had an exterminator come once to do the ground floor (we were on the 4th of 5 floors). After the exterminator, they were coming into apartments by request (if you had bugs and reported it, they'd come and do just your unit). We have pets, a dog and a cat, they'd come anytime during the night or day wi

thout notice. Most times we wern't home, so they just ignored us from then on. The entire building is still crawling with bed bugs. Our soon to be previous unit included.
They have bed bugs, they know it, and choose to do nothing about it.

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