1210 Cameron St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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In November 2011 the units on other side of us was sprayed for bed bugs, the building manager told the pest control guy " Don't spray their unit, they are going to be evicted" we were not evicted, we won against the slumlord Sahota, but the bugs moved in to our apt. soon after via the hole connecting the suites for hot water heating pipes. This is May 2012 and we are leaving this nightmare apt. and they can haul our bed away, it was new ,delivered last year to this address, now garbage. google S

ahota landlord New Westminster. READ ALL ABOUT IT OR WATCH VID!!!

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5 fumigations and STILL has bugs. "Expert Pest Control" doesn't know what they are doing. I moved out and had to toss EVERYTHING.
Unless they tent and fumigate the entire building, dont trust it.

On top of the fact that there are bedbugs this place is FILLED with mice. Saw dropping everywhere, and when we got a cat, he had a new mouse about once a week, he was so sad to move, no more mice, I was not as sad.

Reported to management in November 2011.
Fumigation done on "reported" basis, suite by suite. Building across the way rumored to have them, makes sense theyre spreading when tenants wont report it.
The manager is trying to fix the problem and pest control technician has since come by and sprayed twice but theres still bugs. Dont know why common area and whole building not done. Make sure suite is fumigated PRIOR to moving in - bugs can be dormant (without food source) for a year.

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