1205 4th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I have to make a correction with regard to my last comments about the post from the person who put in the wrong apartment number.

It was discovered that the persons previous place of residence and the apartment the lady lived in had a major Bed Bug Infestation and when she moved
into our building into Apartment #208, not #205 she brought the bed bugs with her.

Also her apartment which was completely renovated did not have a bed bug problem before she moved in
and she did not do a good jo

b of housekeeping and
that's why she had the other problems because she
had dirty dishes, pots & pans on the stove, in the
sink, and on the countertops.

She also caused some problems with some of the other tenants as well, and one instance where she caught the manager in the hall she yelled and screamed at him so loud half the tenants on the second floor heard her verbal abuse and when the manager growled at her and walked away she called the Police on him which the NWPD just put it off to a problem tenant who at that time was in the process of getting evicted the end of February 2015 and her place was a mess.

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In response to the complaint of 1/23/2015, first off it was not #206 because that's the Managers Apartment, and secondly there are no rats in the building, but like many other buildings in New West there is a minor problems with mice.
Also if It's the apt I believe it was found out the lady got the bed bugs from a person who visited her often,
Also for everyone's information all the problems were taken care of and the person even thanked the technician from the Pest Control Company for taking

care of all the problems in the Apt.

Note: Whenever there's a pest problem in this building it gets taken care of right away and that's a fact.

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l moved into the building in Oct 2014. The landlord assured me that he had renovated the apartment and ripped into the walls and had pest control come in and spray the entire building. l asked him about rodents, bugs and other issues. He told me that there was none. A week after I moved into my apartment. I was bitten at least 5 times each night. You could see the bed bugs coming from the baseboards as soon as you turned off the light. l had my cell phone beside me so l felt something crawling o

n me, as l shined my cellphone light on that area of my skin, l saw three huge ones. l immediately killed them and started sleeping in the living room. I told the landlord the next day, he became agitated and screamed at me. he later on left a letter on my door tell me that the pest control would come and l was the one who brought the bedbugs into the building. The pest control guy came in and sprayed and I still get bites when I sleep in the bedroom, so l sleep in the living room now. In November of 2014, I saw roaches and then in December, I started seeing rats. this building is infested with rats, bedbugs and roaches. there is nothing that can be done about it. the building needs to be torn down. the hallways are infested with bedbugs and spiders. The landlord does nothing about these issues and when you report the issues, he gets very aggressive. I am living in hell and l really urge all of you who want to move in here because u think it will be cheaper, its not worth the stress. I can assure you that you will walk out leaving all your furniture like most tenants have had to do. The same pest control guy came in today jan 23 2015, he was extremely rude and l am going through the courts. The landlord(Graham) had the nerve to make a joke about the owner of the building Andy Chen having a mice infestation problem in his 2 million dollar home as if that's supposed to make me feel any better. The landlord and the owner are both unclean people who get away with not maintaining the building because it filled with low income people and drug addicts who don't mind to save a few dollars.

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Graham (the landlord) is a different indivual-he was sweet, but I doubt he could fully understand the extent that was wrong with the building-he usually mickey moused fixing things in that building. And when it came to the bed bugs the job was not fully rectified-Once I moved I thought the problem was done, however once again I was faced with a $400 bill and the embarrasement of having to speak to my landlord about this problem. I know that Graham tried very hard to fix things, but his snoopynes

s made things uncomfortable and he is not someone who is proffessionly trained in the area of bed bug removalbe or even proper maintance. I know that it was that buidling as I have never had a problem with bed bugs whatsoever-when I first moved in I was shocked at the low rent and the fact that he had a few suites avaliable-but now I know why.

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I have been in the Building for almost 7 years and I know that the Manager cares about the Building and the Tenants. When he found out about a problem in one of the suites in 2006 he had the pest control company in to treat it immediately and in two weeks they did a followup treatment and monitired it for weeks after that. There wasn't another problem until 2009 with a Security Guard and his wifes suite and he jumped on that immediately as he also di wit another suite later on on the third floor

as well. Those tenats moved back home to the Prairies about six months later after the male tenant finished his schooling. The Manager even brought in a special dog which went through the whole building to check for Bed Bugs and when a couple were found the pest control company was in the suites treating them right away. Recently when he found out about a suite that had cockroachs that suite was immediately treated and the two suites below it including one the previous writers suite #101. When he says he is going to get something done, it's done. If a tenat has a problem with anything in the suite that needs fixing, it is fixed right away as well.
I have helped him out and worked with him fixing things in suites, installing carpet, cleaning up suites, and painting them so I know what he's like, and he doesn't lie about things. When suites are treated for Bed Bugs the tenants also have to do certain things and get their suite ready for the treatments to be done properly, and if they don't then further treatments have to be done at the Building owners expense. The suite I and my other live in also got Bed Bugs in it from a relative that stayed for a couple of weeks and it was done immediately as well and the bed bugs were gone. I'm not knocking the previous remarks from the other people, I just don't like to see the Manager get called down when he goes out of his way ro keep the tenants happy. Also some previous remarks about the tenats in the building are not true. The biggest majority of the tenats are working people, I think about 90% and the other 10% are retired and a few on Assistance.
In fact once a tenat moves out the manager has the carpets cleaned and thn has the pest contol company come in and treat it whether it had a problem or not, just to be on the safe side. Ir's also a known fact that people can pick up Bed Bugs just by riding on the Sky Train, Taking a Bus, even riding in a taxi, or getting furniture from someone who had or has a Bed Bug problem. Big Department Stores, Movie Theatres, Fancy Hotels, and even Libraries have had or are having a problem with Bed Bugs.

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This apartment is very disgusting. I finally moved out of there 6 months ago, only to have the problme follow me once again. The landlord is very nice, however he denies everything and trys to make the problem seem like its your fault. Like you were on the skytrain and some how got them that way. There is dead rotting mice everywhere decaying. Begbugs just kept coming back over and over again, even after I reapediatly asked him to spray. This apartment has major problems and the only reason why

no one complains is because it is full of low income renters that do not have the money or time to complain. If your thinking of renting the price is not even worth it for a short time. Prepare to spend lots of time and money even after you move in order to get rid of the problem.

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The hallways are infested with Sal-bugs and spiders. Building has a cockroach/bedbug problem which the incompetent management refuses to acknowledge.
The day I gave my notice to move, I found bedbugs in my suite and informed my landlord who claimed that the building had never had an issue with them, but later recanted his statement when I questioned him about a report on the Bed Bug Registry ( http://bedbugreg

istry.com/location/BC/V3M/New-Westminster/1205-4th-Ave ) at which point he admitted to a single incident a few years ago, then proceeded to blame the presence of the bedbugs on guests in my home. Upon questioning him again he came to "check the usual places for bedbugs". After a very brief examination of my bed he concluded that they were not in my suite, and told me that an exterminator would be coming by to deal with my cockroach problem in the kitchen. He told me that they used a special paste for cockroaches, wehich lined the cupboards, walls and countertops. The day that the bug guy "came to my house" I arrived home to see that NOTHING had been done to my kitchen, I felt around for the paste.... and NOTHING. I questioned my landlord to make sure the exterminator had come, and was assured that my suite had been treated. The next day I came home to a cockroach crawling accross the cupboard door. A quick call to a local exterminator confirmed that nothing had been done, you see the paste takes at least 72 hours to dry-up and be no longer visible. To sum it up: Upon informing the landlord that I would be moving at the end of the month, he shook off my issue and lied to me regarding HIS obligation to provide me a liveable place. Just today I found another roach. I had to quarantine my room, throw my bed out, and now i have to get all my clothes dry cleaned because of the landlords negligence. They'll have alot of fun in arbitration


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apartment 101 again....

Supposedly an exterminator came to lay down a special paste in my cupboards for the roaches, and check for bedbugs. Came home the day of the "extermination" to find no sign of said 'paste', despite the fact that my landlord insisted that an exterminator had come. The next day I found a live cockroach crawling across the cupboard (the very same one that was treated with paste), and also found traces of bedbug feces across my bed, box spring, inside the box spring, as

well as finding a carcass of a bed bug under my bed. My bed has not been slept in since, and my room has been self quarantined to prevent spread of infestation. My useless landlord insists that there were no signs of bedbugs, and that my kitchen was treated for roaches, which I have found 5 of since the "Treatment". I am moving this weekend, but that will not prevent the legal action i intend to take against the management at this building.


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Apartment 101.
In the past month I've seen 4 cockroaches in my kitchen and 1 bedbug in my living room. I approached my landlord on October 20th regarding the issue. Not only did he deny my having bed bugs, as its in my living room, but also attempted to place the blame on guests in my home, stating that this building has never had bed bugs (which he later recanted, upon hearing that I had seen a report for this building on the BBR). It has been 5 days and all IO have received is the promise

of him contacting an exterminator.

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we're in apartment #309. we just confirmed today that we had bed bugs, and talked to the land lord about it. land lord says he'll call an exterminator to come out and spray the apartment ASAP, and i am fully confident that he will keep his word. we should have the exterminator here in under a weeks time.

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