1117 Hamilton St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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Well was refused entrance to the room I rented on #208 and he would not let me in.
Several times my friend had to place my belongings on that 2nd floor balcony.We use this person van to transport my belongings on the balcony because the person inside would not let me in for my keys didn't work he gave me.
Now we entered the place and I was treated very poorly by this Nigerian person.Not only me my friends also.
We took this matter to the Tenancy Branch and files a complaint.That complaint was

slide under the door for him to read.I want my Rent Money back and my Damage Deposit back.
So I have a friend of mine who filled out my case and supported me regarding this situation.I sure would like the owner of the building contact me to also file this complaint.If anyone dealt with this can you supply me the owner's of the building phone number?Thank you.

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I know of someone in the building that has found bed bugs in her unit. This person is afraid to report to the landlord in fear of being blamed for "bringing the bugs" in the building. The person really needs this issue addressed immediately. I don't know what else to do to help them.

It would appear that some of the newer tenants have a few "guests" in and out of the building quite frequently and they have admitted to having bed bugs on the first floor. they have likely spread because wen the owner was contacted he said a fumigator was on the way, to the top floor.

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