1116 Hamilton St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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You absolutely cannot trust the manager of this building, Marko Kazanegra. I found bed bugs in my suite in 2010 and he agreed to reimburse you for costs to eradicate them. Then when I gave him the receipt he refused to reimburse me. I made the mistake of not getting his reimbursement promise in writing. You cannot trust Marko.

I had to sue this company for their negligence and ended up moving out because they persistently violate the Tenancy Act. The Dispute Resolution Officer agreed this com

pany was illegally negligent.

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Please make sure you report any siteings to the manager, they will take care of it, right away. dont complain if you dont report it. Dont let it get out of hand. Always report BED BUGS, and most of the time its not your fault. PS. Dont bring in any used furniture found outside the building

The property management company did do diligence and took care of business fast...there were even dogs brought in after the initial application..CarePest are great, friendly and very understanding!

This is an apartment complex, and many suites have bed bugs in the hundreds. I first noticed them in June 2010, and after three pest-control sprays, still see them regularly.

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