1115 4th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

Found 8 reports:

Not just bed bugs! I saw mice while I was living in this building.
Teannt #204 has a big dog and keeps shitting in the front lawn and no one ever pick up the dog shits in front of the building. The same tennant also has many gas canisters stored on his balcony. I just have to moved before this building get burned down.

This building is so dirty and poorly managed. Some tenants keep putting junks in the lobby and the garbage bin lids keep opened attacting bugs and mice. The corridor carpet is filthy and the whole building stinks.

I lived in this Building for 2 years, and had to move because of the building having Bed Bugs. When we discovered them in our son bed, the Manager tried to let us believe that we were the only ones with the problem.....

I had bed bugs and mice in my room on 3rd floor

I had bed bugs at app 101 . Landlords doesn't care and managing off site the building

Bed Bugs found in building
-Moved out because of bed bug problems
-Has been sprayed but not thoroughly, they still keep coming back
-Needs a whole building spray by a professional company that thoroughly sprays every thing and every room.....

I had bed bugs and manager said that I bring them in to the building .

I had bed bugs at this apt. #109 I asked and wrote letters to have this problem dealt with and never was. I moved because they would not deal with the problem. sept 30 2008

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