1033 4th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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We recently moved in to the building and the first 2 weeks of us living there, we had strange itching and bites all over our bodies. (Unit is carpeted) We believe the previous renters had a cat, due to sheded cat hair we found behind the refrigerator. (And they promised they've cleaned it before we moved in). The building is old and our Manager has an outdoor/ indoor cat and it roams around all the time. Who know what it brings in. I truly believe this building has bed bugs, it may not be as bad

this time because I've bombed our unit. But I have a feeling, it's still there!

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That site merely refers to reports from this site. And, that site also does not verify any such reports:

"We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. "

This buliding is listed for bed bugs on this website too:


People can and do make false reports of bed bugs on this site all the time and the site does not verify any such reports (see the explanations of how the site works posted by the site owner/adminstrator).

The management can say whatever he wishes or feels he needs to say to continue renting the building out. The manager even sold bed and pillow covers to prevent your bed from having them live there. Why would they sell those if therre were no bedbugs?????

I wish to clarify once again: the professional pest control contractors inspected the entire building and all suites and found no live bed bug activity, so any previous comments were either misinterpreted or misunderstood. This was a precautionary inspection and any work undertaken was purley for preventative reasons.

The manager has said in person that bedbugs were found before the inspection ever took place.

There has been a misunderstanding. No live bed bug activity was found during the inspection. The building-wide inspection was carried out as a precaution because of recent bed bug proliferation in Greater Vancouver and other major cities and it was suspected (but not confirmed) that one suite may have had a problem. This inspection was by a reputable company that specializes in bed bug detection and eradication.

It's true that the management actively inspected the suites. However, the manager herself said that they found bedbugs in the building.

There has been at least one case of bedbugs found in this building.

I wish to correct the misunderstanding (or dispute the report) below by "littlemssunshine". I represent the owner/manager. The management is proactivley inspecting all suites due to the recent city-wide concerns regarding bed bugs. No such evidence of active/live bed bugs was found in this property during that inspection.

The manager has come by and told us that our apartment is to be inspected for bedbugs as there were bedbugs found in another suite in the building.

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