1030 5th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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My boyfriend moved into this building in 2011 and it seemed really nice and clean when we moved in. A few weeks later my boyfriend and I saw a couple bugs on the bed but thought they came in from the balcony window. Both times I slept over at his house I left with bites all over my back, then arms, then legs. A few weeks after that we saw more little red ones crawling on the bed, googled bed bugs and that's what they were. We picked up the sheets and there were big black ones hiding under the pi

llowtop. This was a new matress that he bought when he moved in so we know it was the appartment. Also lots of other people in the building said they have bedbugs. The manager refused to pay to exterminate them until a tenant in the building flipped out on her. Supposively soon they're going to exterminate some of the appartments. But who knows if that will end it.

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