1021 Howay St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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This message is for those tirelessly defending such a "good" company as CRAP REIT.
BBB has a totally different opinion about this slumlord - http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/property-management/cap-reit-in-mississauga-on-1148170

You got it right, CRAP REIT is rated "F" on BBB, the WORST LANDLORD IN CANADA!!!

2010 ~ I was notified that I was to prepare for bed bug treatment. I paid to have a company come into my apartment~ no bed bugs found in my suite. I was told to prepare my suite or I could be evicted.Apparently a suite close to mine had reported bed bugs.
I had to put 22 loads of clothes, bedding etc.in dryers and take all my best fragile clothes to a drycleaner. I had to bag all these items, the job took me all day. I was not compensated for the outlay of funds, its nasty doing all this, I wa

s exhausted but in fairness the management was making certain that the tenants were working to clear up the infestation problem. Thank God I have heard nothing since.
I find the Maintenance man simply wonderful and the office staff very helpful.
The noise levels could be monitered better, however overall this is a nice place to live.

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1021 Howay is a nightmare! And Cap Reit one of the worst companies I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. It's not the location...it's the company!

This message is for those tirelessly defending such a good company as CAP REIT.
BBB has a totally different opinion about this slumlord - http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/property-management/cap-reit-in-mississauga-on-1148170

You got it right, CAP REIT is rated "F" on BBB, the WORST LANDLORD IN CANADA!!!

Dear "Anonymous", who submitted the report on 05/20/2010. We all know that you are not a tenant at this building, we know who you are and what kind of company manages this building. The battle with Bed Bugs at Princeton Place is not over yet.

Unfortunately living in the Greater Vancouver area subjects us all to bed bugs, this is an epidemic. I have lived at 1021 Howay for many years and have had to do the preparations for bed bug treatments. I did not have the problem myself but was informed that someone in my vicinity was infected. I am unaware of the company that was used but they provided me with a very precise sheet that told me what I should do to prevent my suite from having bed bugs. I followed the instructions and after 2

treatments I was told by the management that the bed bugs were cleared from the infected apartment and I would no longer need treatments. This was true, I have not had to receive any treatments since. I believe that if the instructions are followed exactly this will help the treatments be more affective. I have heard from other tenants about the situation that had happened previously and that the tenants were not cooperating with the landlord and the pest control company. I am happy that the management removes the tenants that are not helping remove these horrible bugs from the building and only further spreading the misfortunes to other tenants. I can only hope that anyone that contracts these pests informs the landlords right away, from what I've read, it's much easier to get rid of them if they are caught right away. I am very happy with the landlord and hope they continue to do what they are doing to keep the building pest free.

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We had a huge misfortune to live in this building and had countless sleepless nights and lived through a plastic bag hell. Our apartment was sprayed 5 times in 3 months with no success, the problem was only getting worse and we were finding more and more bugs.
CAP REIT was using services of a contractor called "Done Right". All their treatments were super quick and done in a “slam bang - and it's done” way. Later the company changed the name to "Critter Rescue" but the same people w

ere doing express treatments (I wonder why the name was changed). Moreover the Pest control was in violation of the Integrated Pesticide Management Act of BC; this was reported to the Ministry of Environment of BC. A government action was executed against “Done Right”/Critter Rescue”, despite this fact CAP REIT still uses services of that company.
Since “Done Right”/”Critter Rescue” started dealing with the problem it only got worse. When it started in August 2009, bugs were only in unit 331. Now according to K9 inspection they are in 6! units, they are: 231, 232, 331, 332, 431, 432. So far four tenants moved out of the infested apartments: 231, 232, 431, 432 are now vacant. Unfortunately it looks like CAP REIT and their contractor successfully fights tenants (not the bugs), by putting tenants into substandard living conditions and that forces people to run away.
The exact same problem was reported in March of 2009 by CBC - http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/03/30/bc-bedbugs.html
In my case and the case described in the CBC article CAP REIT was acting in the exact same manner, poorly handling the case; even the Pest Control company remained the same. Numerous complaints and attempts to convince CAP REIT to hire a different Pest control company were violently rejected.
If you want to risk your health and wellbeing then this building is for you, otherwise do not touch it with a 10 feet pole.
If you are fighting with CAP REIT over the exact same problem I can only wish you luck and patience. [email protected]

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Unfortunately we also lived in this vicinity, and have put in notices about the bed bugs. It\'s been four months with no action, and only \'its in the works\' responses. The company doesn\'t seem to be diligent with maintaining the problem. We decided to move, and sorry if you end up moving into this mess. Bed bugs are horrible, COSTLY and stressful as hell.

Hi - Jim from Vancouver here - We live in a building 990 Broughton St that is managed by the same company as 77 Huntly and are having alot of issues here with the way the landlord has handled bed bugs. If you could share some of your stories with me we could hopefully get them to address this problem ... Please email me at 990broughton at gmail.com ... Thank you

My wife and I moved into this apartment March 1st 2006. We moved from 113-515 9th Street where we had no problems except for fleas that were exterminated there. For the 8 months we didn't notice anything unusual, except that my wife was complaining of scratching and itching at night. She noticed that our young 3 year old boy at the time had red bite marks on him. We investigated our mattress after these bites and scratchings became more severe and found that there were bugs on our mattress. We t

hrew away the mattress and had a spare so we used that one. Again they showed up and this time, we had a cardboard divider between the upper mattress and boxspring. I ripped this cardboard apart and found it to be covered in between the cracks with bedbugs. That went to the garbage. Then we became so paranoid we were ripping our bed apart at the seams quite literally looking for these little bastards. Finally we contacted the manager who sent in a spray crew. He advised us that another apartment on the 4th floor in the other building annex had been done too. They did 2 treatments over 2 weeks and a week after the treatments, I was back in the managers office carrying a bag with 2 live bedbugs that I had captured. He again got another company to spray. They came in and sprayed once more. Again a couple of weeks later...more bugs. Again a pest control company was called. This one did a thorough job and since December we have not had any problems. The other day though, the pest control company came by to see us. Apparently, the rooms above us have bedbugs (303) and they thought they had come from our apartment. I said we had no problem since the last spray.

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please specifically ask the landlord about this issue if you decide to look at the building. He will have to be honest with you...

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