1021 4th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I lived on the 3rd floor of 1021 Fourth Avenue from the fall of 2011 to summer of 2012, and there were bedbugs in my apartment throughout the duration of my tenancy. I had never experienced bedbugs before living in this building, so it was difficult for me to identify the problem. When I first moved in, the weather was still warm and there were no screens on the windows, so I hoped that it was mosquitos that were causing the bites on my limbs. When the bites persisted into the late fall, I began

treating my apartment and dog for fleas in case that fleas were the cause of the problem. Throughout this time, I searched my apartment, furniture, and belongings for bedbugs repeatedly, and I was unable to find any. It was not until early December that I found two bedbugs. When I contacted the property manager, she was quick to respond, and my apartment was sprayed for bedbugs. The spraying did considerably reduce the number of bites on my limbs, but it did not eliminate the problem. I found another specimen a couple of days after the spraying, and the property manager suggested we wait 4 to 6 as the chemical was supposed to have a residual effect that would eventually kill bedbugs that were still alive. In late February, I found the fourth bedbug, and when I notified the property manager, she gave me the same response as before. When I found the fifth bedbug in late May (and I gave my 30 day notice to terminate the lease), the property manager was willing to spray the apartment for bedbugs. However, I declined as the spraying requires a considerable amount of effort on the tenant’s part (i.e., the contents of the apartment had to be put into the center of the room and clothing and bedding had to be bagged and then laundered). Additionally, the spraying would have little benefit for me because I decided to throw out all of my furniture and many of my personal belongings to minimize the chance that I would spread the bedbugs to my new residence. Living with bedbugs made it difficult made it for me to enjoy living in this building, I had difficulty falling asleep at night knowing I would have itchy, uncomfortable bites on my neck and limbs the next day, and I lost a lot of money disposing of my furniture and belongings. I wish that I had been informed about the building’s history of bed bugs before signing the lease because I would have chosen to live elsewhere.

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My friend lives there & there are bed bugs. In the last month she's seen 2 different box spring mattresses covered in bed bugs/eggs/cast skins/feces. The landlords do take care of it but obviously they're not doing it correctly, or the problem would be gone... either that or someone that has an infestation just doesn't care to mention it to the landlord.

Definately don't rent on the first floor... not even sure about the second but she found one dead one in her suite & she's on the third.

I would like to know more about this building. What does entire building infected exactly means? Anyone got some stories? Thanks!

Transglobe building located at 1021 4th ave has bedbugs in the entire building.

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