1020 6th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I have lived in the building for three years..twice there had been reported bed bugs and they treated all surrounding apartments including mine. The first time they used the canine service to check for bugs. I had none but they treated me anyways because of my proximity to the infestation. The second time 6 months later my cat found a bed bug on my bed and was playing with it, the manager had someone here the next day. A week later we were being treated...inspected two weeks later nothing more

. I found out that the second infestation was a result of tenants refusing to follow the protocols. I watched the manager do all the work herself and the tenants were promptly moving out. I feel confident that with the present manager the problem did not get out of hand. The previous manager was really lazy and dismissive whenever there was any kind of problem. The last infestation of my suite was June of 2010.

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Are you sure it wasn't 1002 6th Ave?

I lived in this Building for 2 years,until December 2007 and had to move because of the building having Bed Bugs. When we discovered them in our daughters bed, the Manager tried to let us believe that we were the only ones with the problem. They did have the Apt sprayed and we took all the precautions in washing everything we owned in hot water and drying on high heat. We also threw out all our daughters stuffed toys, as well as anything that we did not really need to make sure that there could

not possibly be any more bed bugs. However after a week, we noticed them again. They sparayed again, but we were not satisfied so we hired another reputable Company ourselves, to make sure the apt was sprayed properly. Within 3 months, we discovered 2 more bugs in the Kitchen area. The Comapny that we had hired came back and re sprayed, but told us that we would never be safe from having the bugs, as the building we were in was constantly being sprayed from Apt to Apt. We checked with other Tenants who had been there for years and let us know that this had indeed been an ongoing problem for several years. We had the bug people come back in to spray and we washed and dryed everything that we owned again and bought $500.00 worth of mattress and box spring protectors, just to give us enough time to find another place to live. The Company that we had spray our Apt told us that we were good for about 2 months, so we made sure that we left by then. We are exceptionally clean people, but all the cleanliness in the world will not keep the bugs out unless the entire building is done and every single unit takes all the precautions that we did. Don`t fool yourself, because there is no way that everyone will and Property Management Company`s don`t really care, as long as they get their rent.

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