1012 4th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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NOT AT THIS ADDRESS ----- PLEASE BE NOTIFIED that 1012 4th Avenue in New Westminster, BC is BED BUG FREE!!!! This building, the whole building, is checked regularly and we have an on going regular pest control inspection for all pests. Again this building is pest free!

Please post carefully, Thank You

The address for this building is listed wrong as it is 1021 4th Ave, However it is November 1st 2008, and we have bed bug in this building yet once again.. I noticed them about 2-3 weeks ago when all of a sudden I had what it seemed a crap load of mosquito bites... well turned out i ended up seeing a few of these lil bugs, captured one of them to find out they were indeed bed bugs.

March 06, 2008
It is just crazy what is happening with the bedbug problem in the lower mainland! I stayed even though it was a BIG inconvenience with 2 sprayings and living with everything in the middle of my rooms. I would like to report that the owner of this building stepped in and cleaned up our problem, as well there is a "real" manager here now and no-one is renting that is not being screened and warned about this problem and how it can happen so easily.

BE AWARE..... used furnishi

ngs can have them and if you don't look carefully you could accidentally bring them to your home or building. And as we have been told if you get bites check it out! Make sure right away that it is not bedbugs....prevention is the fastest way to control the problem.

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1012 - 4th Street New Westminster, BC Have lived at this address for close to a year. We had some itchiness but were not aware that the the cause was bed bugs. Several tenants vacated their apartments all at once and we quickly found out that the whole building was infested. The landlord finally left a notice on our door that exterminators would be spraying our apartment twice (All has sent us in a real whirlwind with the preparation and huge inconvenience). We have found a new apartment and wil

l be moving in a week\'s time. Forfeiting our damage deposit to landlord for not giving a month\'s notice of our intention to leave is a small price to pay to get out of this hell we\'re living in currently. (this was incorrectly placed in another district category on this website).

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