845 Mcbride Blvd
New Westminster, BC V3L

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A neighbor told me they had ongoing bed bug problems in their apartment. The building also had black mould, major leaks and smells bad. No heat one winter for 2 months as the owner was waiting to buy a boiler.Building 855 McBride Blvd.

841 Mcbride Blvd
Bedbugs found in upper floor suite. After we moved to a lower floor, the problem persisted. Contacted landlord a month ago and nothing has been done, and i mean NOTHING. Not even an inspection. Landlord refused to release us from our lease with the threat of being sued. Avoid these buildings at all costs, not worth it AT ALL!

January 2008 845 McBride Blvd New Westminster BC. Detected them early enough to get rid of bed with infestation starting. Aggravated allergies and forced to resign from work due to this problem.

845 Mc bride BLVD new west bed bugs found in all three bed rooms as well living room. 2 bed are brand new, (3monts old) sofa is new as well. landlord has done nothing about problem but asured me that they will look into the problem, still waiting 2 week have pased and we are still being bit.

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