76 Coburg St
New Westminster, BC V3L

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There are no bedbugs that I've ever heard of so no worries there, but there are definitely other things. We've had a very noticeable infestation of firebrats since we moved in over a year ago--on our counters, in the sink, bathtub, in our bedroom, in our pots and pans. Sometimes if I'm lucky, I find them crawling on me. We saw them the first day we moved in and I had no idea what they were. We also developed a flea problem a few months ago, likely from one of the outdoor cats in the building. Th

ey left their mark on me several times. More recently we've noticed silverfish.
We approached the landlord with this information. He was quick to blame it all on us. I could have escalated the issue with the Residential Tenancy branch as I was assured by them that it is the landlord's responsibility to handle pest infestations, but I was too busy and stressed at the time to deal with it. We bought a $30 can of spray from the vet that seems to have worked for now. When they do come out, they die pretty quickly. We've found a new place--pest-free--and are in the process of moving out.

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