52 4th St
New Westminster, BC V3L
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Back again. If they ever left, they are back. Last seen on the upper floors. Pest control seen in and out quite a few times. Mattresses by the dumpsters again. One tenant recently abandoned all her belongings on an upper floor. Seen to be dirty as they were hauled out of the building. Not looking good.

No problem with bedbugs here, however, I have seen a small cockroach. The only problem with this building is the constant smoke (cigarette and weed) emitting from various suites. This is suppose to be a non-smoking building.

to all fairness to the landlord if there is a problem with anything in building and they know about it they fix it plan and simple ..there not mind readers and i know they are on top of any bugs THAT WERE BROUGHT INTO BUILDING... but its up to the tenants to TELL THEM they seen a bugs..... once again they cannot see thru walls ..and to point out one more thing i live in the building and the managers do a wonderful job considering how big the building is and the area ..and how lazy some tenants

can be ....

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I know of people who have lived in that building
and moved out because of the bedbugs.They are very
hard to get rid of.I imagine some people that have
them may be too scared to tell the landlord.Becuz
of the stigma attached to having bed bugs.But if
you do have bedbugs tell the landlord as they
cannot evict you for bedbugs. As a matter of fact
the owner of the building has to pay for wathever it takes to get rid of them. Don't feel guilty
about bedbugs their everywhere in New Westminste

Just tell your landlord so the infestation doesn't
jump from suite to suite.From someone who's gone
through that nightmare.

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to those that do not believe this building is bug
free,think again.Bed bugs can hibernate to well
over a year if their is no food source...your blood.So you can move into a freshly painted suite
and surprise you'll find your arms getting bitten
after a few days of having settled in.They come in
the stillness of the night and crawl into your bed
and dine on you.Bed bugs can be on your clothes
without you knowing it by being in crowded places
or they can come from items of wood constructi

on from second hand stores or thrift shops.They hide
in cracks and baseboards and behind your electrical plugs ins,behind the plastic plate.they
can also hide in your computer.They like to lay eggs on the side of your matress,these eggs hatch
after one week and then onto you.I will catch some
for you doubters and put them in a glass jar and
put it in the lobby so people will know what to look for when inspecting their matresses and
sleeping quartes.Sleep tight and don't let the bed
bugs bite.

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What?!? The only thing that "bugs" me, is all the people smoking dope. Open a window, fer chrissakes. I find the building to be quite clean, actually---have never seen a bug. And the people here are very nice, including the landlords. So there!!!

i lived in that building for nine years, it was good till a couple years ago and then came the bed bugs lots of them.I suspect they were brought in by all the bums who somehow had access to this so called secure building.There's also lots of silver fish in this building and lots of ants in their swimming pool area.The laundry room is dreadfull,it in dire need of a total renovations
and a good paint job.The tenants in the building
are very friendly, i think the landlords are new
to running thi

s kind of building and would probably do better running a bed and breakfast out
in williams lake.former tenant mike

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We where told there where no bugs, but later found out they where everywhere. This happen at the end 2008, once we found out, we left. Bugs are Everywhere in a overpriced, drug infested building!Not only are there bugs! The pool has weird nasty fungus in and around it, stay away!!!!!!!

infested throughout building. homeless or vagrants sleeping in stairwells, carpets in hallways, bedbug infested furniture including mattresses by dumpsters. filthy carpets in basement. laundry room and storage rooms disgusting.

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