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I made a report earlier when I found them the first time. I contacted the previous apartment manager and he had someone come in to spray my apartment. Then over a week later the person came to spray again. When I told the manager about the bed bugs I told him he should tell people in surrounding rooms so they can look out for it. He told me there is no need because they would tell him if they see anything. However, many people will not (especially international students), and they will move to t

ry to run away from the problem, which just spreads it to more buildings. He also told me that people on a couple of floors above me had the problem a few weeks earlier. He gave me some papers about bed bugs and told me I could put non-washable things (feather duvet, some throws) in the dryer and that would be enough.

At 8 AM this morning (September 12th, 2015) I saw a bed bug crawling on the floor in the washroom. I trapped it in a water bottle to make sure it was a bed bug. It was probably stuck to my clothes and fell off.

I had recently finished doing the washing for my bedding (It was sealed up in bags for the summer). The apartment changed their laundry machines recently since the old ones made the laundry smell worse when it came out, now they cost more. And require clothes to be dried twice. The new drying cycle for the dryers says (on a sign on the wall) that it is 45 minute timed (it used to be 60 minutes), but it was less than 45 minutes when I used it. This is apartment "drama," but that doesn't seem to be enough time to kill bed bugs. After I dried everything I put the duvet back on my bed. I thought I felt something crawling under my leg a couple of nights ago, but didn't see anything, and now a bed bug was found in my washroom. My bed is off the ground, has smooth metal legs, and I made sure the blankets didn't hit the floor when I put them back on. I also put a heater in front of the garbage bags when the infection was found last time.

I'm a student taking 8 classes, and already spent around $10 doing the washing from the sealed bags (and still have 2 more large garbage bags). I can't afford to do this, and really don't have time to deal with this. Hopefully the new apartment manager will deal with this properly. Washing and drying six garbage bags full of clothes and bedding is too expensive. A full bag won't fit in as one load. If it needs to be washed as two loads for each bag that is 12 loads to be washed, then 24 loads to be dried (because each has to be dried twice). 36 X $1.50 is $54.

Before putting the duvet back on I used one pillow and a pillowcase, and a throw blanket that I brought from my family's house. I had no problem until now, so it must be from putting the duvet back on my bed. I sealed the bedding back up, but it might have already spread into my bed.

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June 13th, after midnight. I live on the second floor.

I pulled down my covers to prepare to go to bed and I saw a dark spot on my pillow. I pulled the pillow out of the bed and the bug was walking all over the pillow. I took a picture and trapped it under a glass (it accidentally died while trying to remove the pillow from under the glass.

I'm so creeped out. I will never sleep again.....

I can't upload an image here, but I have a pretty clear one. I will add a link from Twitter. Tha

t way people can judge whether it looks like a bed bug, or not.


I left a voicemail with the apartment manager so I am not sure how the building deal with this kind of situation.

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It's late September now, and I've recently found adult bedbugs in my suite, which was previously cleared by the K9 inspection. I've actually been having itchy welts since mid-February, but never saw any bugs until now, so had just chalked it up to hives from friends' cats. I'm guessing the K-9 inspection wasn't very thorough.

In late August 2012, the management conducted a K9 inspection of the whole building due to a recent discovery of bedbugs on the sixth floor. While they did not find bedbugs in my apartment nor in the common areas, they did find some in 2 of the 135 apartments. They claim they have since dealt with the problem, but I am taking that as a grain of salt.

I woke up one morning and found them crawling on my bedding. About a month prior, my girlfriend had experienced bites but they were very concurrent with spider bites so I didn't give much more thought to it. Then of course they were discovered as mentioned.
Someone came to fumigate and I had actually recently given my notice so I was leaving anyways. I was successful at removing all alive or dead bugs from my possessions so as not to take any bugs with me.
I was there for 7 months before I ha

d this problem but yeah, I had it nonetheless.

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