140 6th St
New Westminster, BC V3L

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June 13th, after midnight. I live on the second floor.

I pulled down my covers to prepare to go to bed and I saw a dark spot on my pillow. I pulled the pillow out of the bed and the bug was walking all over the pillow. I took a picture and trapped it under a glass (it accidentally died while trying to remove the pillow from under the glass.

I'm so creeped out. I will never sleep again.....

I can't upload an image here, but I have a pretty clear one. I will add a link from Twitter. Tha

t way people can judge whether it looks like a bed bug, or not.


I left a voicemail with the apartment manager so I am not sure how the building deal with this kind of situation.

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It's late September now, and I've recently found adult bedbugs in my suite, which was previously cleared by the K9 inspection. I've actually been having itchy welts since mid-February, but never saw any bugs until now, so had just chalked it up to hives from friends' cats. I'm guessing the K-9 inspection wasn't very thorough.

In late August 2012, the management conducted a K9 inspection of the whole building due to a recent discovery of bedbugs on the sixth floor. While they did not find bedbugs in my apartment nor in the common areas, they did find some in 2 of the 135 apartments. They claim they have since dealt with the problem, but I am taking that as a grain of salt.

I woke up one morning and found them crawling on my bedding. About a month prior, my girlfriend had experienced bites but they were very concurrent with spider bites so I didn't give much more thought to it. Then of course they were discovered as mentioned.
Someone came to fumigate and I had actually recently given my notice so I was leaving anyways. I was successful at removing all alive or dead bugs from my possessions so as not to take any bugs with me.
I was there for 7 months before I ha

d this problem but yeah, I had it nonetheless.

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