129 Agnes St
New Westminster, BC V3L

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I have had this problem with bedbugs for 4 months now the problem has not been resolved and the building has now been sold to slum lords that will change the address instead of dealing with the problem. Please do not be fooled with the change of address to get infested the way I have. I will post the new address when it gets changed ASAP to save people from the nightmare I've been dealing with. This building definitely has a problem and no it has not been solved.

From a tenant that can't find

a place because of this issue.

see full report...

I moved into an apt there last year. I had to move out and leave ALL my furniture ect because of an infestation that came from the nieghbours in 3021. They have a constant problem due to their lifestyle

This building is bed bug free. Any problems are dealt with promptly as soon as the manager is informed.

Unfortunately a few suites in this building have had them and have been treated for them numerous times. It's an older building run by an older woman. Hopefully the problem will be dealt with for good soon. Sunday April 24th.

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