101 Royal Ave
New Westminster, BC V3L

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STAY AWAY from this building! It's the worst building in new west. Every unit is filled with bed bugs and the cockroaches will ruin your life! Stay out and get out

I lived in the suite from October 2014 to mid February 2015. I saw a number of live bugs and was bitten a number of times. The building owner is a nice enough fellow, however, when I reported the bed bugs he sprayed the one room in my suite, not the whole suite or the whole building. The bugs live in the common space of the building; halls, in between walls,ceiling /floors, electrical wires, pipes etc. Bed bugs cannot be contained by one suite, and are still present even though they canno

t be seen. (they can hide wherever the corner of a credit card can slide.) This problem has not been addressed or eradicated-my child was bitten repeatedly w no signs of a major bug infestation in our suite. The other residents of the bldh seem to have an ability to happily cohabitatate with the bugs and not complain. If you're hoping for sage advice about living here,for your peace of mind find a bldg that's not on the bb registry.

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This place is awful! Had to move out and leave most of our stuff because of the bedbugs, and cockroaches. Oh and there is a flea contamination as well! I had indoor pets, and it has been a nightmare since moving out to get rid of the fleas! And what the guy/girl before me said... They think they can spray one unit, and the problem be solved! It is an issue throughout the WHOLE building.

This building still has a major cockroach and bedbug problem. The landlord sprays one unit and thinks its fixed. Horrible building.

We also moved in over about a year ago. We had seen a few bedbugs that weren't fed we caught them and killed them. Then we told the landlord and got our place sprayed and we got powder. We powdered under the heaters and our bed frame. After that we've been totally clean and haven't seen one for over a year. I have pets but I live really clean so that probably helps. The landlord is more then willing to come and give the suite a spray if I see even a single bedbug.

I live here currently. I have been here over a year. I haven't seen any bugs. I do however live in one of the renovated suites and the exterminator has sprayed twice, for preventative. I also live cleanly, so im sure that makes a huge difference.There are bugs in apartment buildings, it happens. The landlord is more than willing to spray at no cost and if you live cleanly it won't be a problem. People who live in dirt and filth obviously will have pest problems. If you are considering moving in,

move into a renovated suite and ask them to spray prior to moving in.

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I lived therefor about 7 months, at first I thought I was having a reactions to some soap or something becuaswer I had welts and they would get super itchy...turns out I had bed bugs bites!! then I saw them, many times. Then my cats was playing with a cockroach,how disgusting!!!!! and about a month before we moved I discovered ants in my food in the cupoboards, I had to throw out most of my food and had to keep any food I did buy in the fridge. We complained multiple times about not only the bug

s but all the partying in the building, nothing ever was delt with properly... WORST BUILDING EVER!!!

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OH GOD. Thanks for the millions of ants and cockroaches and oh yeah BED BUGS. The landlord INSISTED that this was a friendly bug controlled environment. Give me a break, I cant leave anything on the counter, not unless I want to see little tiny ants crawling all over it. Seeing cockroaches, havent seen bed bugs yet but wont be surprised when I do. NEW ONE, ear wigs, how cute. Anyone wanna move here now? fuck that shit.

This building is crawling with bed bugs, ants and cockroaches. It's the worst building to move into. The landlord may seem great but he doesn't have to live here so this problem persists. Don't move in here unless u would like to buy all new furniture. Seriously stay away!!!

not only have I found bedbugs many times, i have found a cockroach and i have heard mice chewing in the walls at night. The building needs to be destroyed

this apartment is crawling in bedbugs, seriously no one move in. this problem seems to be going on for years now.i lived there about a year ago, only stayed for2 weeks because of the bed bugs.even tho i was promised by the landlord prior to moving in that there are no more bed bugs. after getting rid of all my stuff and getting the fuck out of there, i have never looked back. the land lord is a douche and full of bs. he wouldnt re fund any of my money or give me back any of my damage deposit. th

e building is full of druggies, alcoholics, and bums, really it is not a healthy living situation. if anyone is looking to move out of this place, you have to be so cautious that you are not bringing them to your next place. PLEASE EVERYONE STAY AWAY, THIS BUILDING NEEDS TO BE DEMOLISHED, AND BURNT TO THE GROUND..... YUCK!!

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I have lived here for about 6 months and have had my suite sprayed 3 times and I STILL have bedbugs! the landlord will tell you whatever you want to hear so you move in. DO NOT live here unless you want to be bitten and have to replace all your furniture which of course is very costly. Another tenant had seen a cockroach not to mention the lovely junkies and drunks up all hours of the night in this dump and the woman who set her suite on fire cause she was mad at the guy next door (?!). The suit

es may be renovated but its a sham, all the glitters is nt gold!!! I am currently looking for a new place and will tell everyone about this hell hole and not to fall for the landlords BS, he cant just spray individual suites he needs to have the building treated all at once. He has one of the caretakers certified to spray so he does nt have to pay for a real exterminator

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We have bedbugs! The only saving grace is the landlord is doing a really good job of dealing with it. He had the pest control guy in to do the first treatment the day after we called him, and he came to see us immediately with a can of DE and lots of advice. We have a second visit scheduled with the pest control service next week, just to be safe (all paid for by the landlord). What sucks is because it's embarrassing and there's a social stigma attached, people seem hesitant to say when they hav

e them! I wish my neighbors would report immediately when they have an issue, because the landlord seems very happy that I told him right away to get it dealt with.

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These people are full of it. I have been living at 101 Royal going on five years now. I have never had a pest problem ever. I clean my house and don't live like a slob. I'm not sure what these people are going on about. Allot of the suits are new renoed and look great. It is an exelent place to live right by queens park. The owner is a very nice guy and always has people working there. Before the new owner bought the building the old landlord was awfull. But since the new owner the place has don

e a 180 turn. I love this building and don't see myself leaving for a long time.

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This building is infested with bed bugs! No one is reporting them, so it just continues. I've had my place sprayed on my own, but since the rest of the building is crawling in them, they just keep coming back. the landlord is renovating all the suites and that's great but how about getting rid of the damn bugs! With the bed bugs also comes thousands of tiny ants and cockroaches, totally infested building. I am looking for a new place to live and just plan on leaving all my furniture there. I wou

ldn't advise anyone to move into this building!

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Although it seems like there is not a bed bug problem, due to the fact there has been no recent reports, this is not so... I moved in to a "newly renovated" apartment by the second day of living there I noticed there were bed bugs. Dont move in here, unless you want to waste a bunch of money and through out all your furniture...
This place is crawling with bed bugs!!

The pest control company was in for an inspection of all units and I think they may have this problem under control finally!!!! The problem was tenants not reporting the problem or being too stoned to notice.

ive lived here for 4-5 months and they wont go away maybe for a couple days but landlord will not spray the whole building! thats the problem crack heads n people that just dont care

WE have bed bugs. It's disgusting. We've been sprayed before but of course this problem just never goes away! I'll tell you one thing though. Of course i'm not using my bed anymore.. NO THANKS. So instead i've been sleeping on three chairs for the past 2 months.

This whole building is infested with things other than bed bugs as well. This problem WILL NOT go away, unless the whole building is sprayed, not just individual suites.


Several apartments are infested at this time. Pest control is called when the bedbugs are reported to the landlord, but not everyone is reporting.

This place is infested! Stay away! Sprayed 4 times but not whole building, they just keep coming back.

Several apartments infested. Landlord is good at getting exterminators in, and is in process of renovating apartments. Our apartment is okay but people next to us have bed bugs, and others on first and third floor report bed bugs as well.

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