575 Delestre Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3K

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1107-575 Delestre Ave Coquitlam B.c. Canada

Allo, My name is Desiree Acosta, excuse me my inglish is no so very good. I wake up the otter nite and it was maybe 2 no maybe 3 ocock in the morning. I feel someting bitting on my legs, it hurt very very much. I get very afraid because I know not what it is. When I get up I see blood on my legs in the front. After I clean up I go look at the bed and I see something dark brown and it goes away. I don't see what it was and when I look in the bed I s

ee nothing and when I look at the floor I see nothing. So, I sleep on the sofa in the other room. The next day my friend, do you need to know her name ? she is very nice lady!! OK so I tell her story and she tells me she sees nothing, nothing but 2 weeks later same thing happens in her Place. 2 Days later when I went to wash the sheets on the bed I see Dark stains on the sheets. Now I not what not to do. I don't want make trouble for people because there are many people here from other cuntries and they are not supposed to be here, so please help me if u can. Thank you very much.

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5th floor, discovered in September 2009.

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