540 Rochester Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3K

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I found a bed bug and quickly got rid of the problem. But winter comes, we have a mass infestation of rats and mice in this building.
I infomred the managers several times, but the management changed recently, and they can NEVER be reached.

If you value your health and life, consider some other apartments. You get what you pay for.

So did this get resolved. I'm looking to rent there and now I'm concerned. If someone posts a complaint they should also post an update to be fair and also have current information.

Found bed bugs in Nov 08. Started treatment but with not much success. Went on for close to 3 months They kept reappearing shortly after the treatment. Management appared as if they were trying to help but lied to my face telling me that mine was the only apartment with problems. I knew of 3 apartments on that floor that had them.
The problem is they keep it a secret so that people don't panic and so that they don't have to spend money on treatments. It's useless if the apartments affected don'

t do it simultaneously. They move to the neighors and then come back after you've done the treatment. It's never ending. The carpeted hallway never got treated, and the same goes for the laundry room. It will spread to the whole building shortly, and management seems to only care about not spending money and keeping it quiet

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