555 Cottonwood Ave
Coquitlam, BC V3J

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At first I thought I was seeing bigger silverfish bugs, because my husband said they infest places in the colder winter months. I kept seeing them everywhere, even found one floating in my kettle! Gross! Then I googled pics of small/medium cockroaches and I swear looks it's exactly what I've been going around killing in my apartment! I'm so grossed out cause they maintain this place like crap! I've been here over a year and want out of here! I've been seeing these things for over couple weeks a

nd I'm finally going to say something cause I'm spotting them more often!

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Second floor South side bites all over! We've been here almost 3 years no heat and bugs galore!

Bed bug infestation! Tested positive and sprayed 3 units for bed bugs on top 2 floors of West side of building. They are traveling from the original location down through the walls in electrical sockets - praying we don't get them! At least the building manager is covering costs for fumigation but it is very inconvenient.

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