9005 Centaurus Cir
Burnaby, BC V3J
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

Found 4 reports:

I have lkived in these apartment for a couple years and the rent keeps increasing but nothing is being done to improve the living situation. They are not addressing the bed bugs problems and it is horrible

We have just recently made visual confirmation of bedbugs in our bed after months of bites. We have yet to report this to the building manager. Will keep you posted with the outcome.

I have lived in this building for many years and have had no incidence of bedbugs in the building or any other related problems.
I question the validity of this posting.

I had this problem when I moved in October 2009< the Landlord asked me if I had bites. They sprayed twice.. Now I told her 2 months ago and she still hasn't got it sprayed.

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