5381 207 St
Langley, BC V3A

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Bed bugs are in this building again. Numerous suites have an issue with them, which I found them in my kids beds. Told the manager of the building, maintence guy and rental act. The manager told me that there is an infestation in the buildings. Gave me a steamer to use on my kids beds, which did nothing. They did not tell the pest control company to inspect my apartment. Only way to kill these pesty things is for the whole building to be sprayed. Tenants are bringing in dirty mattresses and couc

hes from the garbage outside and other peoples kids are playing on the dirty mattresses like they are trampolines. We gave notice. DO NOT MOVE IN THESE APARTMENTS

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There is still Bed Bugs at this location. The situation has not been resolved.

There was bed bugs just not that long ago at this location. Management had notices in the common areas of the building reporting that there are Bed Bugs and every suite on the third floor was being checked. Mattresses are always put out on the lawn by the garbage bins or in them.

I neve had bad bugs in MY apartment BUT there were constantly checking for them and found them MANY times in my neighbors apartments. There were always mattresses in the garbage.... They always spray and fix the issue BUT its just nasty that it keeps happening!

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