5374 203 St
Langley, BC V3A

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5240 203rd street.. Lived there for almost one year until the bed bugs came... It originally started 3 units away who had them. They got fumigated and the bugs moved to my neighbour(most extermanators suggest spraying all units around infested unit)So anyways, my neighbour got them, then i got them!! I have 3 kids!! At the time a 2 year old and twins that were 3 months old. They were getting bitten on their faces it was bad! But we complained and never had to pay for fumigation. I lost my 1400

dollar matress, my couch, and all my childrens mattress's as well.. It destroyed our lives!!!
I have heard since i left that there has been well over 5 plus infestations since i have left... And its ran by slumlords as well... If you live there get out while you can!!!Riverside gardens can suck my left nut!! F U

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After moving into this complex I had noticed a few months in that there is bed bugs.I then found out that my neibours had them to.they also had clamed I had to pay for the fumigation and I have now broke my lease after finding out 2 more cases are and were in this complex.So together thats 5 units with bed bugs and its not being taken care of properly.

September 17,2010. I have just noticed Bedbugs in my appartment. Once I noticed i noticed that they were really bad. I told my landlady and she wants me to pay for the extermination and removal of the furniture that has been infected. It is really bad. I keep my house clean, but they showed up in the seams of my couches and my bed.

I know that at least one year ago there was a Bedbug problem in the suite 2 doors down and the landlady only got the exterminator in that suite an nowhere else.

I'm almost positive it is a continuation of that infestation.

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