527 Battle St
Kamloops, BC V2C

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It was brought to my attention that a person that was recently evicted from this building has posted on 06/25/15.A milicous and slanderous statement that is un true.We don't have bed bugs in this building. We don't take these bugs lightly. In his post he claims to of informed management of this if his statement
Was true we would of had the pest control here the next day.and would have sprayed for them.it is a shame that people have nothing better to do with their time than to make milicous an

d slanderous statement. Thanks for your time.
This building is clean and well maintained.

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Wedgewood Arms Apartment Building 527Battle st. Noticed blood on my pillow. Searched and found bed bugs on edges of the bed. Asked landlord Dave for help no answer. Had to through away most of my furniture and move out. The apartments are in such poor condition with almost 0 maintenance. Building should be condemed.The residents of this place spread them all over Kamloops.

Orkin Pest Control noted at this location ---Wedgewood Arms Apartment Building 527 Battle Street, Kamloops, BC Canada--- again the week of August 15, 2011 in another effort to rid this apartment building of bed bugs.

I have a bedbug infestation in my apartment, primarily my bedroom. After three nights of progressively worse bites, I knew I had bedbugs. I have had lice and scabies as a kid and these bites were unlike those. It only happened at night, and all over my body (my apartment has no air conditioning so I was sleping with barely any clothes on).

When I realized I had them, I tried to contact my landlord and his cellphone (which is suppossed to be for emergencies) went straight to voice mail. I le

ft countless voicemails for 2 days and still he has not contacted me!!!! I am so frustrated.

Started on July 23, contacted landlord on July 24/10, apartment number 207. I am still living with this horror :(

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