435 Cherry Ave
Kamloops, BC V2B

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land lord,fix the problem,or your seein me

Don't listen to these Slumlords !! They will tell you anything to get you to rent. They are so money hungry it is not funny ! Move in and you will be bit !

reports of bed bugs at this address are untrue.the persons reporting this are upset because they were evicted.the landord and property owner are in contact with theyre lawyer,and are in the process of having this nonsense put to an end.the entire building has been inspected by pest control ,and no infections were found.

there are also bed bugs at 916 tranquille apt..right aross fun factor..i lost all my beds and furniture..they even kept my damage deposit caz i didnt put my notice in the manager was well awear of this problem

I was infested with bed bugs bites all over my body shortly after moving into this bug bug hell. Nasty

noticed a bed bug infestation, exterminator was called by landlord and treatment was done. However the problem was not abated and the bed bugs returned in full force. It appears as though the landlord and the exterminator are only chasing the bedbugs around the apartment building. They are using a chemical compound that seems to be completely inefectual. After informing the landlord that the problem has persisted nothing has been done to rectify the issue.

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