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I live in Salado Springs apartment complex. In November I finally found signs of bedbugs and the bugs themselves after weeks of scratching and thinking I was crazy since my roommates didn't feel a thing. I saved one in a ziploc as proof, as I've heard complaints from people in other states that landlords won't pay for treatments, but my complex was wonderful. They sent someone out within two days and paid for it during all treatments. 6 months later, we are still fighting these bugs. While it is

not the complex's fault, and I know they have been great and paid for everything and treat us every few weeks, these things are impossible to get rid of. We are moving out this summer and Salado Springs is going to wait to rent it out so that they can rip up carpeting and possibly baseboards to do a better treatment.

While I don't place the blame on them, I think it's fair for future renters to know that yes, there are even bed bugs in arizona.

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