5008 E Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018-7912

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My Apt. has bedbugs since Sept. 11, 2010 & I cannot get rid of them even though it took until Jan. 2011 before the Apt. has been through 3 Apt. Managers since last Sept. 2010 & they admitted there was a problem with bedbugs & pest control has sprayed & done 8 bedbug bombs since Jan.-March 2011 & the bedbugs are immune to the poison & I've been sleeping on the couch & have sprayed the couch every time I see a bedbug with ''Hot Shot Bedbug Spray'' & still cannot kill the bedbugs - pest control h

asn't been effective & I'm fed up living with bedbugs & have signed another 6mo. lease since I've already lived in this Apt. 12 years & just knowing I have bedbugs I would prefer to just move anywhere without bedbugs except this property:
Wyndham Place Apts,
5008 E. Thomas Road,
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
Apt. Manager has told me to get rid of my couch except I need 2 men to help carry it out & that is my responsibility - except the maintenance men so far have not attempted to help. I've reported this problem to Arizona Maricopa County Evironmental Services Division & there are other Apts. on this property here that also have bedbugs - this is affecting my life & relationships with friends & family who no longer want to visit or will help me. I need out of here...I'm sick of this place with no help & I cannot afford to lose all of my belongings that I've had for 25 years on this property. Has anybody ever got rid of bedbugs? This is a community problem that needs to be solved with a solution that works to kill bedbugs.

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