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On Sunday, August 7 - my boyfriend and I went to the movies here at 7:30pm. During the movie, I remember jumping up because I felt something weird on my lower back... I didn't realize this would important information later on...

The very next morning when I arrived at work I had all these bite marks on my arms and lower back. My boyfriend also had these same marks on his arm. I went to the doctor Tuesday as the bite marks were becoming worse. We discovered it was bed bugs and I was given a c

ream to treat the problem areas.

I went to this theatre to make them aware of the situation and still have not heard from them! I showed them my arms and the cream that was given to me by my doctor. Today is now Wednesday and my arms are still itchy and I am now more paranoid than ever that we brought some of these pests home with us. I wanted to make everyone of this situation, especially if Harkins does not do anything about this problem!

My doctor said this must have been it because I only have bites where my body was exposed to the seats (arms and lower back).

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