2929 N 36th St
Phoenix, AZ 85018-7452

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Its very true bout the bed bugs. Looks like they are in the walls. I visited a friend who got out of hospital & they were everywhere when they got home. Other neighbor had same problem. Dont rent here & if U do, well U were warned of problem. I'm no exterminator, this place is infested. Cockroaches too!!!

True major problem - with the bugs. Complex Removed all carpet remnants that were used as outside Door mats. As Apt.s became empty - which due to the Prob. was alot they replaced Carpeting with Vinyl Flooring. Any abandoned Furniture was destroyed to prevent someone from taking it & spreading the problem. They Recognized the problem & took nec. steps. I am a current Long term tenant.

the manager of this complex refuses to hire any kind of extermination due to the complex owner's refusal to spend money we have had pets die because they where bit so badly and my family gets little rest or comfort in our own home i would highly advise against renting at canberra apartments due to the negligent nature they have for the property and its residents

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