2606 N 44th St
Phoenix, AZ 85008-1501

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moved in dec 2011. within a week a bug was noticed in the bathroom on the baseboard and identified as a bed bug. office notified. come to find out there were multiple complaints from the surrounding units of the same infestation. all of which had moved in and reported prior to my move in date. 4 months of living out of trash bags and destroying all our furniture and still nothing has been done. 3 different managers and 2 different owners in 4 months and no one seems to be able to follow sta

te statute regarding this issue. after months of doing our best to follow the law, we have broken lease and are being sued by the complex. the mental anguish and uncomfortable bites are to much to handle any longer. they knowingly cannot rent this apartment or its surrounding ones so of course they are going to try and sue me for all they can to cover their loss.

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