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This encounter happened in July, 2011 which is when I notice bedbugs. I moved into the apartment in May and shortly after I moved into the apartment I begin to itch and could not figure out why I was itching. The more I itched the more my back and arms became swollen, and red more like a rash. I could not figure out what was wrong me. I had been from May to July. One night I could not sleep and was actually up playing a game on my computer and suddenly out the corner of my eye I saw somethi

ng very small like on my pillow, I looked very closely and it was some kind of bug, I got some tissue and grab the bug and flush it down the toliet. No sooner then I came back from the bathroom there where three or four more small things on my bed. I pulled my sheets back and there where more bugs, I realized they where bedbugs. They where also in my headbroad. Immediately, I haul my matteress, boxspring, and head broad out the of bedroom, out of the apartment. Although, I got rid of the mattess, boxspring and headbroad there are still bedbugs in the apartment. There are definitly bedbugs at these apartments (Logan Properties-Ceder Creek Court). Mainly the bedbugs are surfacing out from under the carpet (small cracks and crevies) and also coming out from the ceilings especially in the bedrooms (especially upstairs bedrooms). There are very, very tiny holes in the ceilings quite small enough for a bedbug to crawl through, and guess what I actually seen one coming out of the small hole in the ceiling. Apparantly, the ceiling or attic of the apartment has become very warm (hot) and as bedbugs do not like warm weather the heat in the attic has disturb them and now they are on the move. I have brought this matter to the attention of the property managers and they are in the process of taking care of the problem. I am currently going on my second treatment to getting rid of the bedbugs. The apartment managers have contacted the pest control and they are applying treatment to the apartment. As you all know bedbugs are very hard to get rid of sort of like trying to get rid of lice you are going to need at least three to four treatments. Although the property/apartments have been kept up very nicely and are quite nice inside the property is very old 50+ years. And yes, it is true bedbugs do not have wings nor can they fly, but they can move very, very quickly.

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