Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort
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Upon contacting Glacier Canyon Lodge again pertaining to my bedbug incident,in April of 2014, I sent a letter to Mr. Tom Lucke,the president/owner but unfortunately he didn't have the time to discuss it with me. Another person called me and in the process of about 2 weeks, I was told that my bedbugs did not come from their resort. All I can say is DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL. After about 1 year of spending money on exterminators, we seem to finally be rid of them!!!!! Glacier Canyon Lodge will not

budge on having me receive any type of compensation for my loss of the exterminators, doctor's visits, and pain on my bites. The say they have policies regarding problems like this and I do not fall into that catagory. Where's the sympathy and concern???? An expecially what happened to customer service, as in the customer is always right??? Beware before staying at Wilderness Resort, because you may get more than you bargain for..

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Bed bugs JUNE 11th 2015 glacier canyon room 1080.
My son was covered in bite marks this morning.
Lifted the mattress to hide a bed and black bug eggs all over it. Son itching like crazy.

Don't stay here!!

We stayed recently as well at Wilderness Resort-Canyon April 2015 in a kitchen suite!- bed bug bites. Developed rash and huge bumps on neck and chest followed by mono- like illness for 2 days. The bumps continued to manifest consistent with bites- classic bites in alignment fashion with subsequent punctures. (I'm in the medical field and verified with staff as well). I reported room 5032 to management and they say they will investigate. I've suggested we move our convention back to Kalahari r

esort for this and other reasons. Hopefully my 3 kids did not bring home the bugs in their 'stuff' scattered in their room. Hopefully it's localized to the master bedroom?? Doubtful. I even searched for evidence prior reading reports from 2014 trusting the issues had been dealt with- obviously not.

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We stayed at the Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Dells, in April of 2014. In coming home I had small bumps which turned into hives on my arms and legs. They were bed bug bites. I went to a dermatologists to confirm. Upon contacting the management, they said that there weren't any bed bugs in our room. And they tried to say we must of gotten them from somewhere else. There wasn't really any sympathy from them. It has almost been a year and we are still dealing with them within our home. It has been f

rustrating to say the least.

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My family and I recently stayed at the Wilderness Resort for a weekend vacation. I almost always inspect a hotel for bedbugs, however for this trip we didn't arrive until very late Friday evening. My niece was already sleeping in the room and our infant was ready for bed when we arrived, so we quickly got settled and went to bed. I woke up Saturday morning with two bites on my neck, which I assumed to be either spider or mosquito bites. We didn't think too much of it and went about our day.

Sunday morning I woke up with several more clusters of bites on my arm and neck. After doing research on the pattern and type of bites, we discovered they were identical to that of bedbugs.

I called first thing Monday morning to discuss the bedbug situation. The woman I spoke with stated that she would speak to housekeeping and would call me back. After waiting 24 hours with not hearing back, I decided to send an email and include pictures of my arm and neck. After about 6 hours from sending the email, I received a phone call from Josh Jones, manager at the Wilderness. He did report that there was some spotting found and one dead bug, that there was most likely a minor infestation in the room. He stated that the room had been taken out of order and was going to be heat treated and exterminated. He apologized and stated the cost of our room would be refunded to us. He also asked if there was anything additional they could do to help us out.

Kudos to the manager for admitting they had found evidence of bedbugs and for the positive customer service. Unfortunately, I just don't think I can stay here again after being through this. Even though they are following correct protocol to treat the bedbugs, I'm completely grossed out by the thought of bedbugs, especially after being bitten several times and dealing with the after effects of the bedbug bites. I'm just praying that my infant daughter doesn't have bites emerge in the next couple days or that we somehow brought any creatures back home (we made sure to launder every item we had with us, including luggage).

If you go to the Wilderness, the waterpark area was great...please though, make sure to thoroughly inspect the room prior to unpacking and sleeping in the beds.

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Stayed there January 11, 2014. Didn't even think about bedbugs for the amount we paid to stay there. First bites didn't show up for a few days, then more. Met two out of town friends there and they both had bites show up later as well, so we are sure that we all got them from the Glacier Canyon lodge at the Wildnerness - we stayed on the third floor.

July 18-21, 2013. We stayed in a two-bedroom condo on the fourth floor of Glacier Canyon Lodge. While we did not see bedbugs when we were there, we subsequently had an infestation in our home. While we are not 100 percent sure that they came from this hotel, it is our best guess.

Given how the infestation happened in our house, we think that the bugs were in the kids' bunk bed in the condo. While I would not avoid the hotel based solely on this report, I would certainly do a full check for b

ed bug evidence before entering the condo. Given the nature of our infestation, there would have had to have been evidence in the room.

It also seems like the other reports on this hotel are credible. This resort is a massive operation that uses temporary summer workers who do not have an incentive to monitor closely. The colors of the bedding and the overall decor also conceal bed bug evidence well, so I would not be surprised if everyday staff did not see fecal stains, etc.

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Fuck that a lie

As a surprise to my 2 sons, I brought them to the Widerness and stayed one night, it was July 2, 2013. The morning of checkout we ate breakfast at the restaurant and went back to the room to gather our things and change into our swimsuits for another day of watermark fun. Union arrival into the room, I had noticed a bug on our box spring. I got a sick feeling in my stomach and took a look and confirmed my suspicions by identifying it from an Internet image. I immediately killed the bedbug with

a tissue and it left a blood stain on the bed. II regret not taking a photo of it for proof. There were 2 housekeeping girls in the hallway that I immediately requested come to the room to see what just happened. My sons and I then immediately packed out items and got out of there as quickly as possible. I reported our situation to the front desk and they didn't seem to 1) believe me and 2) care that it even happened. They never offered to reimburse even a portion of our room fee of nearly $200. I sent 2 emails upon returning home and didn't hear anything back until the following Monday (July 8). I did not receive any apology for the situation and was simply told in a voicemail they checked the room for 4 days and didn't see anything. I find this hard to believe they checked and didn't find anything. This bug didn't just wander into our room while we were at breakfast and crawl up onto our bed. I will never stay there again nor recommend it to any other family. I guess any future trips to the Dells will be a day trip to a waterpark as I don't see any hotels in the Dells in our future.

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My family and I stayed with our friends in the condo they rented for the weekend this past April 2013. I am very educated about bed bugs so I did a thorough examine of the room. The mattresses looked brand new (no stains) and walls behind bed had no bed bug residue. The condo we rented did not have bed bugs. We enjoyed our stay!

My family stayed at the Wilderness resort & hotel right after the 4th of July. On our last morning there I woke up to find a bedbug on my blanket in bed. I killed it immediately and reported it to management after we checked out that day. They reproted back to me once I was home that there was in fact a bedbug "introduction" that hadn't become an "infestation" yet. They had found one other dead bug in the room we stayed in. Management was very nice and credited us back a portion of our stay

. So far we have found no evidence that any of the little bugs came home with us. Fingers crossed

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Me and my family stayed at the Wyndham Inn at the glacier 45 Hillman Rd. we were in a nice 3 bedroom deluxe suite and the very next day we were awakened to blood stained sheets. Upon further inspection of the room we found bed bugs crawling in the carpet and tucked in our bedding. We even found dried blood on the sheets of the sofa bed which indecated to us this was an on going problem before our arrival. My daughter unaware of what a bed bug was... had killed several through out the night that

had been feasting on her blood. We also captured and bottled up about 10 of them for proff. I have several small children and one of the has developed large boil like lumps on her skin from the bedbugs. We contacted management immediately and was givin a new room, $150 gift certificate, and bottles of alcohol to spray our things. I hardly think this was enough for the potential trouble this has and may further cause us when we get home. But, any who..... Can you believe they tried to imply that we may have picked the bugs up on our way up to the Dells. Which for us was a 2 hr. none stop trip.

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My family and I stayed at the Wilderness on Saturday, April 21, 2012 in a condo. The room was gorgeous; full kitchen, two bedrooms and a Murphy bed in the living room.
Sunday morning I woke up with several bites on my hand, stomach and face and they itched terribly. I finally went to the Dr because I couldn't stop itching and was waking up in the middle of the night. Dr said it was either bed bugs or spider bites.
I called and spoke with Jay Ruszkowski, Operations Manager of the hotel and as

ked if there are bed bugs in the room we stayed in. He asked me if anyone else had gotten bitten and I told him my husband did not have any bites. Jay replied that bed bugs don't pick and choose who they bite. Then he stated that there have been no reports of bed bugs in 'quite awhile' at the hotel, but that they would look into it if/once the room was empty.
The next day, Jay called my family member who's name we booked under. He played dumb and asked what the number of the room we stayed in and asked what bed I had slept in. Once she told him the bunk bed room, he claimed they did find a small infestation of bed bugs in just that room.
Jay then called me and gave me the news. He said the hotel was offering to pay any medical expenses and to fax my med slips to the hotel and then tried to get off the phone. When I asked about covering the costs for getting our house checked by a certified dog and mattress casings, he said it would be the Board of Directors to approve and that they have never done anything more than medical expenses. It sounded to me as if this was a frequent topic for the Board...
So I started to ask further as to the amount of bugs found, if he checked all the beds in the condo and how many reports of this were in the last month. He replied the infestation had just started (I got the hint Jay) and that he had no further information for me. I asked how many reports have been in the last year and again he replied that he wouldn't have that information. When I reminded him that just the day before he stated it has been 'quite awhile' so what was his frame of reference was for saying that. Jay then raised his voice and said 'like I already told you, I do not have that information nor would I tell you if I did!' Ah, now I was getting somewhere. I had already checked this site and saw a report from a month earlier that Jay was involved in so I knew he was withholding information from the beginning. I ended by asking what his plan was to notify guests who have stayed in the room since our family. He said it has been slow and no one stayed in the room since us so no need to follow up. Sure...
Terminex did a free inspection of our house and we found an inspection dog in the area. So far so good. Several life lessons learned - thanks Jay! I work for a health department and they said the dells are the most popular area for infestations.

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My family and I recently stayed at the wilderness resort Wisconsin Dells from Friday March 2nd to Sunday March 4th 2012. On Sunday March 4th my husband and I woke up with numerous bug bites on our arms, legs, back and head. My 3 year old daughter was in the same bed as us and had one bite on her arm. The bites were very large red bumps that itched tremendously. Being that I am pregnant I decided to seek medical attention on Monday the 5th to insure that the bites would not interfere with the pre

gnancy. My physician was unsure of exactly what the bumps were and referred me to a Dermatologist the same day. The dermotologist confirmed that the bumps were indeed from a type of bug and prescribed some creams to help with the healing. He also suggested that we contact the resort and an exterminator to insure that we didn't bring any bugs home with us.

That same night, Monday the 5th, I called the resort and spoke to Jay Ricawski, Resort Operations Manager, to inform him of the situation we were dealing with. He assured me that he would inspect the unit we stayed in and let me know of his findings. The next night, Tuesday the 6th, he called to inform me that they did find an infestation of bed bugs in the bed we stayed in. The resort did refund us our money for the stay in compensation for the bed bug infestation.
Also, on Monday the 5th we called Orkin Company to have our home inspected. On Tuesday the 6th the exterminator called to see exactly what our inspection was for. I explained the situation to him and he suggested that since we have not seen any bed bugs as of yet that we just take precautionary measures. He said that we should vacuum all around the beds as well as the rest of the home and our suitcases. He told us to get light colored sheets to see the bugs and blood smears easier, to dry our pillows on high for an hour or buy new. He also suggested that we buy certified mattress covers to protect our mattresses.

I then e mailed the Board of directors to inform them of the situation and to ask for reimbursment for our expences for making sure our home qwas safe. When they emailed back they basically insinuated that my family and I brought the bugs into the resort. Considering that we have never had bug bits before, we came from home straight to the resort and never left the entier time we were there, and we woke up with the bug bites while at the resort I don't see how we brought them in.

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