Comfort Suites Park Place
10831 W Park Pl
Milwaukee, WI 53224-3618

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I stayed at the Comfort Suites Park Place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Monday, July 29, 2013. I planned on staying several nights but was hit by bedbugs on the first night. I've shown approximately 100 bites in various locations of my body. I never pulled the sheets to see what was under the sheets or on/around the matress/boxspring; however, it wasn't really necessary as I witnessed (and videoed) approximately a half dozen that appeared to have eaten based on color. These were in plane sight

in sheets.

The staff and management was kind and apologetic about this incident and immediately offered to reimburse me and move me to another room as well as reimburse me for laundering costs. I decided to relocate to another hotel for this trip based on the number and size (which may indicate that some staff doesn't know what to look for when cleaning or inspecting a room).

Milwaukee County Health Department was notified of the issue. I let the management know I would be contacting them and they were fine with it.

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We stayed at this Comfort Suites hotel from Friday, September 24th to Monday, September 27th. My body is littered with bites.

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