Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park
170 Wisconsin Dells Pky
Lake Delton, WI

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I stayed at the Mt. Olympus, Wisc Dells the end of July 2014. Did not know they had "off-site" properties and the buildings look prison(ish). None the less we stayed our few days and now months later are dealing with a bed bug issue in our home. We believe my son bringing his own pillow / blanket on the trip brought them back to our home. NEVER AGAIN would I ever stay there in ANY of their properties. Not worth the money when you have to tear out carpet and mattresses in your home. Horrible they

would continue to book people in rooms when they are well aware of the infestation!

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Went to hotel Rome today June 23, 2013 and was told that our room was in building 13. Went to our room first thing I do is pull back the sheets and all over the mattress was dead bugs and black specks all over it. Needless to say we called the front desk and got our money back.

This happened at the Mt. Olympus Zeus location, not the main building!

So, my husband and I wanted to surprise the kids with a trip to the Dells for NYE! So we found a deal on Mt. Olympus's website to stay at the Zeus location. We had never stayed there but figured it was ok since Mt. Olympus is so big and well known.

We spent one night in the hotel room and headed home on New Year's Day. We have always traveled with our blankets and pillows.

Wehn we got home our travel bag went ri

ght under our bed where we have kept it for years!

About two weeks later I started this rash on my arms and legs, feet and hands. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to something so I wanted to give it a week or two to see what happened. At the end of January I still had this rash and noticed that my 3 year old daughter had the same rash. Her and I went to the immediate care place which was a waste of time and the next day went to her doctor. She was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth and they told me I probably had the same thing. Within two weeks her rash did go away but mine did not. I then decided to make a doctor's appointment with my doc. I was told it was an allergic reaction and to see a dermatologist. By this time I noticed that my 10 year old son started getting this "rash". So, I made a doctor's appointment for him now. He had just recently got bronchitis and was put on a strong antibiotic to kick the virus. Needless to say his doc said that the "rash" is a reaction to his antibiotic or the virus itself. At this point I am very frustrated and visit the dermatologist who again told me the same thing, a rash. Hives to be exact. She wanted me to fill a $200 script and come back in 30 days. 5 doctors later, which all confirmed "NO BITES" and I still have this "rash". That Sunday evening my husband and I decided to rip the bedroom apart. Now for two weeks prior to this we had been looking at our bed every night. Mattress and box spring but never MOVED the bed. Well, within 5 minutes of moving the mattress off the boxspring and moving the boxspring from the wall THERE THEY WERE!

Unfortunately this is three months later but I wanted to put it out there so people understand just how horrible this can be. Our lives are turned upside down right now. Living out of sealed bags of clothes in the garage, etc. PLEASE check your rooms right away! I had no idea and was never educated before this to look in hotel rooms. Our exterminator said in this day they don't just come from hotel rooms anymore......

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