Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg
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12/28/2015: Bed bugs! All 5 of us got biiten; some multiple times.

Caught one in a cup and with that evidence, we got moved in the middle of the night to a different room and got our room and room charges comped. Gross.

If this happens to you, definitely try to catch one for evidence, as hotel staff will try to convince you that you left your window open and got bitten by a mosquito.

We stayed here on the night of August 5th and had no problem with our 2 rooms (3105 and 3052). I was googling what to bring the night before we left and came across the bed bug reports and, needless to say, was very concerned. I did a thorough check of the beds and furniture and while the bunk beds were kinda gross (previous kids must snack in them and there was food etc in the crevices around and under the mattress), the rest of the room was very clean. I would recommend not getting the Wolf De

n as the bunk beds were not clean (linens and all were but there were lost socks and stuff behind and beside them where you couldn't reach and looks like they hadn't been pulled out and cleaned around and under for a while and hair and food in the crevices around the mattress).

The staff were all very kind and accommodating in addressing my concerns and came with a vacuum to clean aroudn the bunk bed when I asked. There were NO BUGS of any sort found in the room; however, we sat on the balcony to talk and have wine after the kids slept and there were a lot of cockroaches running around out there.

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5/24/15: We stayed at Great Wolf one night. I was very nervous about bedbugs after reading the reviews here. We stayed in room 3099 and did not see any evidence of bedbugs. I called ahead and made sure to request a room that did not have any history of bedbugs and also requested a special bedbug check before we checked in. When we got there, the woman didn't know anything about it, but went ahead and scheduled a bedbug check. It did take us a few hours to actually get into our room so be prepare

d to wait, or grab lunch elsewhere while you're waiting.

I had a list of all the rooms listed here that complained of bedbugs, to be sure I wouldn't get in any of those rooms.

Once we got in, I used a flashlight and examined the room top to bottom and did not see any evidence of bedbugs. I kept everything in tied trash bags and kept it in the bathtub at night.

The only thing about putting it in the tub that made me nervous was that memorial day of 2014, we saw what I believe was an oriental cockroach, or water bug, in our bathroom. I don't remember the room number we stayed in though. This type of cockroach is not to be feared as much as bedbugs. If you were to happen to take one home, they usually don't take over your house like other cockroaches. However, I still wouldn't want to take one home.

We had a great stay, but I was on edge the whole time about bedbugs. When we got home, we left everything in the garage and washed everything, including putting our duffel bags in the dryer for 30 minutes before they came to our house. I don't like that traveling has become a hazmat decontamination process, but that's just how it is in all hotels now. I am buying plastic encasement covers to cover any luggage that we take into our room, and we will try to take the least amount of luggage into our rooms.

I am keeping an eye out to see if we have any evidence of bedbug bites, because sometimes it takes up to 14 days for them to appear. But it's been a day and so far so good. I'll update if we get some though

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I stayed at Great Wolf Lodge on Friday, March 27th,a field trip with my daughter's show choir, in room 4070 and have several bed bugs bites. I have pictures if necessary.

I have never stayed at great wolf lodge . I was thinking of having my son birthday party there this summer. With property management experience , if their having this problem after treating the problem rooms . They should have had a tech . To inspect each unit for once a year, and have a beg bud inspection certificate for each room and have it on file. As a guest I would like to see the certification to any room that I would be occupying if I decide to go there. This would tell me a great great

deal about their pest control management at the resort . But this is only if they are managing it correctly.

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My husband owns a pest control company and you can find Bed Bugs anywhere. He has been quite busy with treatments this year. Someone had mentioned in a comment that you can never get rid of them. I have to say that is incorrect because the homes he treats as long as the customers follow his instructions, the treatments have been very successful. Sometimes it can be quite costly from what we have heard by the quotes our customers are getting. Some companies will take advantage of the situation be

cause they know you have little to no other options. We charge a reasonable and fare rate and have not had any call backs. We do a follow up visit at no extra cost to ensure the issue has been resolved.
Knowledge is power and people should research and ask lots of questions about the company you have come out.

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Don't be fooled! Bed bugs are very hard to get rid of. If you see one there is a infestation. Usually you can't find them because they can flatten their bodys and hide in cracks, seams,electric outlets, eat. All the bug spray won't get rid of them. Big bombs don't work either. You can search all you want and not see them.

Everyone knows where bed bugs come from, but no matter how "clean" this place is they obviously have an infestation and haven't properly remedied it. They've stated that they heat treat individual rooms only if something is reported, but that is obviously not solving the problem. Regardless of where the bed bugs originated, any one implying that those of us whom left the establishment with bites brought the bugs there ourselves is just ignorant. Clearly I would know if I had bed bugs in my ow

n home (which I may now due to GWL's failure to eradicate these creatures). Unless you saw bed bugs here or were bitten by them, you have no business posting something to the contrary on a BED BUG REGISTRY.

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My ex husband took our children to GWL for a long weekend last summer, (Williamsburg) in July. They came home with head lice. Since then, I've heard numerous other people complaining about having picked up lice and or bedbugs there. We will not be back and will NOT recommend anyone going there. A horrible experience. My ex called them about it but they didn't do a thing.

Me and my family stayed there March 4,5,6 and didn't experience anything but a gorgeous, clean and well kept resor. Maids Were busy daily and if you experience something like that, go straight to management. People bring the bugs into the resort. GWL isn't breeding them. They are far too expensive of a resort to encourage anyone not to be there.

March 4-6, 2015. Enjoyed a wonderful family vacation at GWL. Unfortunately it is other guests that bring the bugs with them. GWL is one of cleanest places I have stayed including disney resorts ESP considering turn around time. If you have bed bugs at home please do not go to a hotel until your home is rid of them. GWL will work to remedy the latest scare. It coulet have been that bad considering the resort was a 100% capacity Friday and Saturday night and there have been no further complaints.

BTW it's head lice that lives in your head. Bed bugs feast on flesh.

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I just want to say does anyone of the people that have reported the bed bugs know where they come from, they are brought in by other guest! They have had cases of bed bugs at foot locker, movie theaters, the Empire State Building because of people bringing them in. I am sure the hotel has taken every precaution to make sure that they catch them unfortunately they usually don't come out till night time and usually are found at the head of the beds not the foot! Just a FYI so people know where the

y come from it doesn't mean the hotel is dirty it just comes from other people!

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Just a little info about bed bugs. They normally bite on the backs of your arms, across your lower back where your pants are and sometimes on your legs. They do not bite in your head. They are round and therefore,can not navigate through your hair. If you have bites in your head, that would more rhan likely be head lice. They are oval shaped so they can shimmy through hair.

Takes two weeks at least and delta dust professional cost 400.00 and extensive emotional turmoil

You people should report this to the local health department. Ask for the specific inspector who inspects that hotel..

Checked in to great wolf lodge 3/1/15 and stayed one night with my whole family. We noticed a black bug on my arm when i sat on the bed but it didnt even cross our minds at the time that they would have bed bugs since its such a nice place. I have been digging for days especially in my hair and inner legs. There are small red dots all in my head and legs. My mother who also came has the same thing going on. I am scared to death we have brought them home with us. Please be careful where you sleep


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Stayed here on 2/28/2015 in room 2088. Woke up to my husband saying he thought he got bit by something. I blew it off but realized later that morning that I had 3 growing bumps on my arm. The bumps have gotten worse over the past few days so I decided to investigate spider bites, etc. Only to stumble upon bed bug bites and now this registry. I am so grossed out right now and extremely peeved that they don't alert people to it with the amount of reports they have gotten. I can't sleep now ju

st thinking we've somehow brought them home with us and may have a growing problem. So gross!!!!

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October 2014: We stayed in room 4084 at Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg, VA. I woke up and felt something on my arm and neck. I grabbed (and killed) a bed bug off my neck. The hotel manager confirmed it was a bed bug, but I knew. They found bugs in the box springs and advised that they have heat treated the room.
I checked the room for bed bugs when we first got there. I SAW NOTHING, the mattress was clean! They were in the box spring and I never would have seen them. Going forward, when

traveling, I will always take every precaution reasonable to not bring an infestation home.
I feel lucky to have been bitten because I would never have known (no skin reaction, but bug had eaten). I can only hope I was lucky and careful enough to not bring anything home with me.

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Peter from room 2050, you posted on 2/28/14 that you had bed bugs in the same room that my family stayed in. We stayed in room 2050 at GWL Williamsburg as well from Feb. 17-19 and we were also bitten up by bed bugs. We're you there before or after us? Any way you could contact me at [email protected] ?

We took a short family trip down to GWL Williamsburg and we all had a great time at the waterpark, but the day after we came back from the trip we found ourselves chewed up by what it appears to be BED BUG bites. If you ever go visit GWL, please check the bed thoroughly. By the way, we stayed at Kid Cabin Suite Room 2050.

After reading all the other posts I was terrified to stay at GWL but I must say that our stay was very nice.I searched room 2021 top to bottom before bringing anything in.I didnt even sleep the night we stayed due to my fears.Thankfully there w was not a bug or trace of them in sight. Just check your room throughly upon arrival and you should be good. GWL is awesome and no one should let this deter them from going.

I must say, reading all these posts before going on a vacation at this hotel was very alarming and unsettling. BUT, our 2 nite stay was delightful. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Our room was clean and so was the waterpark. This hotel also has a wall with several pictures of families that have stayed at this hotel dozens of times. I would think if there were a bedbug problem, these people wouldn't be staying there so often. If it wasn't for all that traffic on I95 making our driv

e 2 hours extra, we would definitely return to this hotel and the Virginia area.

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We stayed in Room 4075 on 7/17-7/19. After reading all the reports on this site, I was a bit apprehensive, but came prepared to do battle with these bed bugs. I was delightfully surprised to receive an immaculate room complete with white-as-snow mattresses. Even so, I did an extensive bed bug search with my luggage safely stowed in the bathtub and found nothing except tags on the mattress with manufactured date of 5/20/13. Our stay was completely bedbug-free with no mysterious bite marks or

insect sightings of any kind. The kids loved the themed room and doorway and the waterpark was a hit. No complaints here! Great vacation!

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We stayed ( our very first and LAST ) at Great Wolf the end of May. During our stay our daughter freaked out in the middle of the night saying there was a bug in the bathroom. She had killed it and I didn't think anything of it. Over the last month I have done nothing but KILL BED BUGS in my house after getting bit several times before realizing what was happening. We called the Lodge only for them to push it off, claiming the room we stayed in was clear. Then claimed they sent in dogs for commo

n areas and it was clear. BULL ! It took 4 days for them to finally get back with me and to do nothing. Management also indicated they only TREAT the ROOMS that are affected with heat not any other areas. So, I guess bed bugs don't travel, hide or lay eggs. At the very least our stay should have been refunded which would have helped cover the cost of time & money spent trying to get rid of these things. Management stated that a week prior to our arrival after having several reports and cases ( DUH ) they did a sweep and found nothing. It takes up to two weeks for eggs to hatch. They never even told us there had been a problem so we could make an informed decision of staying OR taking precautions prior to bringing our luggage into our home. The entire trip was a nightmare. Our room wasn't ready to which finally an hour after check in we had to fight to actually get a room. Starving, after also driving 4 hours, we went to the buffet where we were served RAW PORK. There first explanation was it was okay to serve Pork at med or under. When I argued that, it was then our fault because we came to the buffet just as it opened and didn't give the heat lamps enough time to continue cooking the meat. If you want RAW FOOD, Bed Bugs, horrible customer service from Management as well, go have a great stay.

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Ok,my mother and grandmother love the great wolf lodge and we've been 21 times now and after reading this I can finally conquer that every time I woke up itchy with a few bites on my arms or legs it might have been a bed bug bite,same with my brother because masqiutose don't like to bite me and him,but my mom isn't very smart so she said it was bites from outside but now I'm sure I will never let her take me or my brother back there again

Just got home after driving for 3 hours in the middle of the night with four kids We were due to stay the night in room 3041, on July 13 but found bed bugs as we were getting beds ready for kids. The place is just disgusting. The water park is nice but the rest is a run down dump. The lodge management were in denial and said the would investigate. Will never go back and will alert all my friends to this. If you really must go I would not even plan on spending the night, just go for th da

y. Even if drive is long.

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We just came back from a 1 night stay... It was very nice. I was very nervous after reading the reviews and was thinking about canceling but decided to go anyway. We checked into room 1006 and I investigated the room... When I lifted up the mattress I saw some discoloration/ staining on the box spring so we called the front desk and they sent someone to evaluate it. The employee did not feel that is was bed bugs but when we asked for another room we were given one very quickly. The second room w

e went into was 1010 and it did not have any problems. No signs of bugs. The room was very clean. The waterpark is great and the life guards are very attentive and nice.

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We just returned from a 2 night stay and I was pretty nervous about going. We checked the room closely before bringing anything in and everything looked very clean. I continued to check as the visit went on and never found a hint of any bug at all. Very happy we went!

I have to admit that when I read the reviews on here I was scared out of mind about returning. Our 1st visit here was February 10-11 and we stayed on the first floor and had absolutely no problems with bed bugs or cleanliness. I did not know about this registry at the time of our visit so thinking about bed bugs didn't cross my mind. It wasn't until I had a friend on facebook post this registry that I realized prior to our next visit that guests were complaining of finding bed bugs in their

rooms and being bit by them. I really did not want to return even though our visit the first time was problem free because I am terrified of bed bugs and the potential of bringing them back home and being bitten. I called the front desk before we checked in to let them know I was considering canceling my reservation because of the reviews from previous guests encountering bed bugs. The front desk manager went over with me the great lengths they go to help keep bed bugs out and made me feel a little bit better but I was still worried. I decided that I could not disappoint my children and cancel so we packed up the car and headed to the park. I will say that I did pack all of our clothes in rubbermaid totes and did not bring any blankets, pillows or stuffed animals from home just to be on the safe side. Even though management said they would inspect our room prior to check in I decided to do the inspection myself. I brought a flashlight from home and inspected every mattress (4 of them) and the sofa bed. I did not see anything that would make me feel uncomfortable and we then settled into the room and had a completely bed bug free vacation. Our visit this time was from March 22-24 and we had a great time. I will return again and while I may always travel with a flashlight and pack in rubbermaid totes I am happy that we did not experience anything negative. I also want to add that the front desk manager was very understanding with my concerns and made me feel that even if a problem did arrive they would handle it.

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We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg on March 17th 2013 - March 19th 2013. In the middle of the night my husband felt something crawling on him and asked me to quickly turn on the light. When I did, we discovered a bug crawling on him. We began to move pillows and sheets around on both beds and saw more bugs crawling on the beds. I called down to the front desk and they said they were sorry about this and would have a manager and assistant up to our room shortly. We were in room 406

6. Upon them arriving at the room, they inspected the bugs that we had killed that we had seen, and they made me feel as if we had put the bugs there intentionally or something. I was so glad more of the bugs started crawling out onto the bed and wall while they were in there. They said that they were bed bugs and unofortunatley some of their guests had brought them in. The manager said "Not saying that you did." I let her know quickly that they did not come from us and we do not have anything like that in our home. They offered to move us to another room, which of course we wanted out of there. We were actually just ready to leave the place entirely but with a sleeping 5 and 7 year old and it being 3 am in the morning and us being 2.5 hours away from home, it was not that easy. The manager said they would move us to another room that they would inspect before we went in and refund us for the night. She also offered to do our laundry, but I really did not want that done there if the place was infested with bed bugs and they were doing the sheets from those infested beds in the same washers. We settled into the new room after moving all of our luggage and our 2 sleeping kids. We did not want to scare the kids so we told them that the heat was not working in the room so we had to move to another room. Fortunatley, we did not see anything in the new room. We did not want to upset the kids and leave early so we stuck the rest of the stay out. It really put a damper on our stay. We tried to be pleasant, but have decided we will not visit there again no matter how much our kids love it. They need to stop worrying about making money and shut that place down. On our way out today, we saw that our old room (4066) had some type of machine in there making noise and we could see the plungs running out from under the door in the hallway. Now, we are spending the rest of our vacation doing laundry, and praying we have not brought these things home with us. We tossed our luggage in the trash and have our clothes outside until I can get each load straight from the back of the truck to the washing machine. Disgusting!

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We spent last night at The Great Wolf Lodge. Prior to going I called the hotel and spoke with the manager on duty. She was aware of the postings on this site and went into detail about all of the measures they take to try to prevent this problem. Our room was very clean and we had a wonderful experience. We hope to go back soon.

Was very concerned about making this trip after encountering this site a few days before our departure. We stayed in room 2036 for two nighst. Though the accomodations are nowhere near luxury, our room was very clean -- not a bug in sight, of any sort. We actually placed all of our belongings in the shower when we arrived, and inspected for bedbugs with a flashlight (and wearing gloves) - we looked at the mattress, lifted it up, looked in the crevices of the wall and floor. Nothing. We also chec

ked the bunk beds in the "kids klub suite" part of the room. Nothing. We didnt stop there -- because we brought our own bed bug spray and we sprayed the place down. I can say we enjoyed a really nice 2 days at the resort. NO BED BUGS to be found. It was a great trip. I feel bad for those who have had this problem at GWL, but I can say that it was not a part of our experience. We chatted casually with other hotel guests over the weekend and did not hear a word about anyone dealing with this during their stay.

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I slept on a piece of cardboard under my car in the underground parking lot, and woke up with huge savage dogs gnawing on my face, arms, and legs.
I spoke to the management, and they offered me a free night in their presidential suite. Prior to sleeping, I washed in the (super fun!) communal pools.
While sleeping, the sheets gave me a ticklish massage.
Top Notch!

We stayed in room 4016 March 8-9, 2013. When we were leaving on the afternoon of the 9th, a woman came out of her room across the hall carrying 3-4 clear plastic bags with clothes, toys, etc inside. She told me to be glad we were leaving because she'd been bagging and washing clothes and towels and tossing out toys since 7 a.m. Due to the fact they had bed bugs in their room. I will think twice before staying there again. As much as we love it, it's disturbing that Great Wolf seems (from reports

above) to try to hide infestations. Until they've been cleaned and I selected by a reputable company, I won't risk another vacation there!!

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We stayed in room 1090, on February 2-3, 2013. Firstly we found bugs (unidentified until I researched it online- found it to be third larval type of bedbug) in bathroom which is 5 feet from our bed.

Four times from 9:00 pm until 12:00 am we turned on the lights to use the restroom, and each time found young cockroaches on floor and walls of toilet and in the closet and sink area. I felt something on my ear and my husband in the other bed with one of our three kids felt a nip on his inner thig


After some 1 am Internet researches in semi dark to not wake our three sleeping children (1-6 years old) we were convinced we were in a bedbug and roach infested room and could not risk staying any longer.

We packed up in the dark and loaded our car to pack the kids up at 2:30 am in pitch dark freezing cold so we could go home to wash everything we owned and pray we weren't taking bedbugs home in our luggage. Did I mention it was in the high 20's Fahrenheit. Not a great time to wake up little kids to go home... And they were really looking forward to playing in the water park the next day. :(

This is not to mention that the blanket we took out of the closet to cover the dingy looking sofa was very filthy! On both sides!!!! Ewwww. Unknow white stains on one side and dark brown and black dots on the other side.

The guest relations mgr called us back the next afternoon, and pretty much accused me of "making it up" and she'll get a pest control co out there to verify my report... Ok so lots of ppl check out in freezing weather with little children to get a refund?? I doubt it. After about a week it was resolved with a refund for the one night and admitting to finding dead cockroaches. The ones we killed! ;)

Like the water park but this experience was disgusting...

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Stayed there January 2013 and learned at the end of our stay our rooms had BED BUGS!. Family vacation that was suppose to enjoyable turned into a nightmare. No sympathy at all from management. Apparently they have had BED BUG PROBLEMS for a length of time. State of Virginia needs to shut them down until they get this matter resolved. The guests are the ones that suffer.

Stayed at Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg between xmas and new years in 2012. Kids had a great time, but woke up on day of checkout with approx 20 bedbug bites. Lifted up mattress pad, and found them. Called manager, who apologized and stated that in his "9 years here, this is the second such incident"--As you can see from this registry, that is a bunch of hogwash. The blatant dishonesty is what upset me the most. The Great Wolf Lodge (all sites) has a bedbug problem, and there are more complaints

for this hotel franchise than other hotel franchises. The only conclusion I can reach is that they don't put enough effort into getting rid of bedbugs when discovered. I realize that bedbugs can occur anywhere, but many hotels will shut down an infected room and also the rooms adjacent to it (on same and surrounding floors) to decontaminate. It took me about 2 weeks to get over the bedbug bites. I would state two things (1) think twice before going to this facility, and (2) check your hotel room for bedbugs before checking into any hotel.

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I woke up in the middle of the night feeling super itchy. I got my flashlight and found a live bedbug on my bed.

Stayed in room 3019 over the labor day weekend.

By the second morning I awoke to find over 30 bedbug bites on my arms, neck, and feet. Went to talk to manager and they quickly offered to refund the stay as we were checking out that morning and launder our clothes.

I got the feeling that this is not an isolated problem. One of the other employees sympathized and told us that they are closing for remodeling and kind of winked indicating they know of the problem.

Wish I had checked here fi

rst before staying here. I think it's crazy that they obviously know about this problem but keep renting out the rooms.

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On the day we were leaving, I woke up itching my back. It was as if a bug was crawling on me. I got up quickly, opened the blinds, and inspected the sheets. I didn't see anything until my daughter saw a bug running across the sheets. It was a roach..yuck! I informed the manager. He had my laundry all cleaned, suitcases inspected, and had someone come by to inspect the mattresses. We had to throw away lots of groceries. The manager, Ken, was nice. He gave us a free lunch and credited us

$150 for our groceries. Needless to say, we won't be staying at this hotel anymore. We will visit just to play in the water rides but not stay at the facility. We stayed July 25th and 26th, 2012.

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We stayed July 22, 2012 in room 1093, Kid Cabin suite. We thoroughly checked every bed/mattress, as we had read reports of bed bugs on Trip Advisor. Despite misgivings, we chose to go because we were given a gift certificate as a gift. Sure enough, the next day, my 4year-old son's Kid Cabin bed was full of bloody spots, and we found 2 bed bugs crawling around inside the pillowcase, in the full light of day. Hotel management was fair and tried to do all the right things: We told them we were

canceling our next night reservation and getting the heck out of there. They offered an alternative room, which we declined. They not only canceled our 2nd night reservation, but they refunded our entire accomodation/dining bill from the night previous. They bagged all our luggage, laundered every article of clothing, and treated our luggage (and anything that wasn't washable) with pesticide. They also offered us another free hotel stay, if we could be convinced to come back (we couldn't). It took 6 hours to get everything back, much longer than originally suggested, which was a minor inconvenience. As added precaution, we left everything in our vehicle for another day in 100+ outside temps.

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Was there on April 13-15, 2012. A week later two of my kids are covered in bed bug bites. I called the hotel twice and have yet to hear back so I just filed a report with the Health department. We were in Room 3025 which as you see from an earlier posting had bed bugs in January 2012 and October 2011.

Our stay was January 22-24, 2012 in room 3025 a kids cabin. We woke to find the kids beds had bed bugs crawling on the pillows and some of us had bed bug bites on our bodies.
We contacted the Williamsburg Health Department and were very surprised to learn that in Oct. 2011 bed bugs were found in the very same room we stayed in. The health department and GWL told us that they treat rooms by a professional company but apparently they have not done enough to rid the pest from the room.
I wonder

how many visitors have taken unwanted quest home with them after staying at GWL?

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Arrived there on September 27, 2011 with toddler and spouse. Planned to stay there for vacation. However, awoke @ 1:30 am to bed bugs crawling on arm. Jump up and there were bed bugs crawling on pillow, sheets and wall next to bed. Called front desk and said we were leaving; balance of stay was refunded immediately but had to argue with guest manager to get the first night refunded. Nice water park and arcade, but not worth it with bed bugs and how the guest manager handled situation. Rece

ived bites on arms, neck and back. Very disappointing that we planned to stay there for vacation and had to leave abruptly. We found another hotel to stay for remaining of morning before returning home.

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