Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg
559 E Rochambeau Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23188-2148

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My family just left this dump due to beg bugs in our room. We were awakened last night to our daughter screaming, turned on the lights bugs crawling all over the pillows and wall behind the bed. Apparently, this is a common occurrence as the staff acted like it was no big deal and offered to move us to another room. What a wasted trip not to mention the dissapointed kids.

so my family and I went to GWL on 2/28/14-3/1/14. we stayed in room 2100 and it appears we brought home bed bugs as well. my son found a few crawling on his bed just the other night. needless to say the mattresses are out and now im stuck with the unexpected cost of a new bed and having our home treated. not going back ever!!!!

My family only stayed at Great Wolf Lodge one night the first week of January, 2013. It was a fun experience. The kids had a blast. We talked about when we could make another trip there. But when we got home, I noticed a cluster of bites on my back. They were very itchy and then I noticed more on my belly. They are painful and itchy. I googled spider bites and bed bugs...and I googled bed bugs at great wolf lodge Williamsburg and a lot of people have been complaining. I've only been bit by Mosqu this is all new and 10 times worse.

Be careful and check the beds before unloading luggage. I did a full luggage check when we got home to make sure we didn't have any hitch hikers and nothing found...hopefully we are good...they're so little.

We decided that we won't go back to GWL, unfortunately. The beds were not comfy either. It's just not worth it as I sit and still feel itchy, over a month later.

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