Beach Carousel Motel
1300 Pacific Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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Stayed at this hotel the weekend of June 8th 2014. The very first night I felt like I was itching but I figured that it may have been because of the sheets. The next morning, I woke up with a bump on my ginger and thought maybe a mosquito bit me. However, same thing occured over the next few days and now I have bite marks over my whole body. I knew then that it was bed bugs. I looked up bed bug information with this hotel online and found out that a number of people have had bed bug bites w

ith this hotel over the past several years and it seems like the owner ia doing nothing about it.

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Have lived at this motel for about 2 months and a few weeks ago to a month started having bug bites all over my children and I also have seen a few small bugs on the bed. When trying to contain the little bugs they are very squishy and filled with blood. From what I have found they look like bed bugs. I am worried about my family but also cant afford to loose a place to live, and worried that if I bring it to the attn. of the staff we would be kicked out. Im not sure what to do I would like

to get them gone..

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