19 Atlantic Hotel
203 19th St
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-3301

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Checked in on May 2nd, 2014. Noticed some small black dots on side of bed. We really could not tell what they were. They are very small but visible. Then the little dot moved. I knew they were bed bugs, my husband insisted I pull up a picture on my phone. We called the front desk and the gentlman came up and confirmed they were bed bugs. We left the hotel immediately.

Actually, this is a non-encounter. We stayed there in September 2010. Having heard of the bedbug problem resurfacing, we checked the bed framing carefully for nests and found none.

Being that you and your companion were so differently affected, might you have lain somewhere else where there were sand fleas, etc?

10/8/10 - 10/11/10
My boyfriend and I arrived at the 19 Atlantic Hotel Friday evening and stayed in room 225. The hotel was actually decent and the rooms were nice (but small), so we were quite happy with our choice. That is, until Sunday morning when my boyfriend noticed some red bumps on my back. We then discovered I had bumps all over my shoulders, arms, hands, and even some on my legs and feet. At first we suspected it may be a rash from an allergic reaction to something (bc he didn't have

any red marks), so I took some antihistamine and tried not to think about it. The next day, I woke up with even more bumps, so we took a closer look at them and noticed the middle was raised- as if bugs had bitten me. So, we finally concluded it must be bed bugs. We carefully looked through every piece of clothing we brought and quickly put them back in our bags and took them out to our cars so we wouldn't bring them back home with us. Then, we reported it to the front desk. A lady came up and took a look at our mattress with us, where we found small dark patches in several areas (could be bedbug blood/feces). Also, when she lifted the mattress, on the bottom was a HUGE dark stain which definitely looked like the remnants of a menstrual cycle- so needless to say, we were pretty disgusted after seeing that, and the lady apologized for "us having to see that". We didn't find any bedbugs (we didn't look for too long), but my boyfriend did wake up with some bumps a couple of days later (the bites can take up to 2 weeks to appear).

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