Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Wash Dulles
45510 Severn Way
Sterling, VA 20166-8942

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We checked in on 8 Jun 2011.
I noticed the hotel was in the process of changing out mattresses, but I didn't make the connection.
I took a nap, my wife read, then made dinner.
At 11pm my wife said, "Is this a bedbug?" I looked and there was a red bug crawling on her sheet. I picked it up, and then smashed it, and it was full of blood.
We saw another one on the wall.
I checked the bedbug registry and saw there were reports on this hotel. :( I should have checked first.
By the time I che

cked online for another hotel that had a vacancy and had no reports in the registry, we saw another one crawling on the sheets. We videotaped it, then I picked it up...but accidentally smashed it, getting blood on the sheets. The hotel offered to move us to another room. I asked if the room we were in had new mattresses...they weren't sure how to answer: if yes, then why did it still have bedbugs? If no, then why did they put us in a room with bedbugs and no new mattress? But they guaranteed the next room had a new mattress and no bedbugs. I said I wanted to move out and wanted credit. The night manager said he'd been at the hotel and it wasn't like bedbug complaints were a common occurrence. I asked him if other people had complained before and he grudgingly admitted, "yes, but not every night. So your chances of no bedbugs in the new room are excellent! We had a full hotel last night and not one complaint."
I didn't find that reassuring, so we moved out. We are looking to get a refund from Choice Hotels, still pending.

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3/15/11 to 3/17/11. Room 405 of Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in Serling,VA. Found one bug in bed as soon as I pulled back sheets but did not realize it was a proverbial "bed bug". Found a second bug on the third and final night and thought I would look up a picture of a bed bug online. Sure enough, they were bed bugs. Did not go to sleep the last night. I guess I should have expected this after I found out that the hotel does not offer room service including trash disposal unless you are

staying an entire week (even then you only get your room cleaned once). I have been in alot of crummy hotels but this one so far is the most disgusting.

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