Springhill Suites by Marriott Dulles Airport
23201 Shaw Rd
Sterling, VA 20166-9464

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Location: Room 527

My family accompanied my husband on a business trip. Well this morning, my husband and I were in the bed asleep, then suddenly he jumped up because he is a light sleeper as a result of feeling something crawl on his face. He went to the bathroom to pull whatever it was off only to find it was a bedbug. We then pulled back the sheets, after getting the children up only to find there was an infestation of bedbugs around the skirt of our bed. He went down to the frontdesk and he was informed the

re was nothing they could do or offer. He came up here and placed one in a cup and took it back to them. He then went back to get management. 2 attendees came up and witnessed a baby and stated they were going to contact housekeeping and an exterminator. We just pulled the sheets back on the childrens bed and found there were bedbugs crawling around in their sheets as well. Management apologized but states they still need to do an investigation after seeing the bedbugs.

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