21611 Atlantic Blvd
Sterling, VA 20166-6852

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I was standing near the elevator on the 2nd floor and noticed a tick/bedbug-like creature trying to hide behind the table nearby. I reported this to the manager and instead of ordering a cleaning of every elevator waiting area (which is what any knowledgable hotel should do), the Manager's Representative insisted I tell them what floor that I spotted the bug. They went to look and returned, telling me that it was a fly.

I am able to determine what different bugs look like, without the assista

nce of an employee, who's opinion is slanted by reputation. I have already had hotels lie about previous reports and have even had coworkers get bitten in rooms I have reported. Hotels tend to avoid the subject. This staff is no different. Therefore, I feel the public needs to know.

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I stayed from 7/31/13-8/1/13 and felt something biting my feet and ankles during the last night. I left early to catch a flight and on the way home noticed itchy bite marks all over my feet and ankles (43 total). I checked online and they resembled bedbugs (this was confirmed by my doctor the next day). I called the hotel operations manager the day I flew home and told her I suspected bedbugs. She insisted I was wrong, but offered me extra reward points (btw I had to keep calling her because she

didn't return my calls). I had to boil was all my clothes and throw away my suitcase to avoid brining them into my home. I complained to Hilton twice about the lack of concern from the manager and so far have been ignored. I am no longer a loyal Hilton customer and will be contacting the health department to report my experience. I stayed on the 4th floor, but I would recommend avoiding this hotel altogether.

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