Comfort Inn & Suites Airport Dulles-Gateway Sterling
45515 Dulles Plz
Sterling, VA 20166-4324

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My husband and I stayed at the Comfort Inn and Suites the night of August 19 (room 126).
We were given a voucher for the hotel after our United flight out of Dulles was cancelled.

In the middle of the night, my husband felt something crawling in his bed and flicked it out. In the morning when he got out of bed, he discovered a bed bug between the sheets.

When we left at 5 AM that next morning to catch our connecting flight, my husband told the person at the front desk about the bugs a

nd gave him a squashed bug on a piece of paper.

This has since caused us a great deal of time and expense trying to decontaminate our luggage and belongings.

Next time we stay in a hotel, we will check this registry first and also inspect the room before putting our luggage in it.

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December 3, 2011. This hotel had very high reviews dating to end of November.

I was in bed with only the lamp on and saw something crawling out of the corner of my eye. The small brown/red bug seemed gross, but not anything serious. I killed it and tried to sleep. Then I realized that this hotel was changing carpets. They had signs everywhere noting the replacement and it smelled funny, like new carpet. IMMEDIATELY I realized the could be changing carpet due to a bed bug problem. To be

sure, I grabbed my computer and searched for images of bed bugs and found my worst fears confirmed. Photos matched exactly 'my' bug - an adult!

I shook out and packed my few things, leaving the nonessentials. I grabbed the tissue with the dead bug out of the trash to show the front desk. I was polite, telling the manager I knew what I was doing was weird. He agreed it was a bug, went to the back office and came back with a laminated copy of a Washington Post article about STINKbugs. Those are NOT the same. This I knew for sure. I asked him if he had info sheets for any other bugs. He did not.

I mentioned that since they were changing carpets, so I couldn't help but be uncomfortable. He offered to switch my room, but I did not accept. (I don't blame him for not admitting it was probably a bed bug, esp right there in the lobby with people around).

In my haste to evacuate the infested hotel, I did not take a picture as evidence. However, I am 99 percent confident I found an adult bedbug crawling towards my neck. Before leaving I hastily checked for further evidence, however I did not want to spread it to my luggage or "upset" the bugs (eew). I just wanted to leave.

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