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We stayed in room 108 at Skyland on November 6, 2015. I woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and noticed a bug under my pillow. I immediately crushed it, and blood splattered everywhere. I didn't even think of the bed bug possibility, and I was tired, so I went back to sleep after checking the bed for any other signs of bugs. Two days after returning home, my daughters (who both slept in a separate double bed) had red itchy bumps on their wrists, neck, face and lower backs. Th

en I noticed my shoulders and neck had the same tiny bumps. And then I remembered the bloody bug. We are all suffering from bed bug bites. My daughters rooms have been cleaned, and all of their clothes and sheets washed in warm/hot water and left through several dryer runs, to be sure the heat kills any potential stow-aways. I know that the bites will heal, I am just very nervous about the impact it will have on us if our home mattresses become infested. We loved our trip to the mountains and had a ball, but this certainly steals the joy, and certainly eliminates any possibility of returning to Skyland.

The management has not returned my phone calls either.

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Stayed in Craigin building, room 135, on October 21, 2015. About 7 days after returning home, about 15 bite welts appeared on my neck, wrists, shoulders, chin and knee. After a little research on the web about bedbugs, I determined these had to be bedbug bites from our stay at Skyland. Found on this registry that the Craigin building had bedbug reports in June 2012 and again in in August 2015.
I telephoned the lodge front desk to report the problem. The person who answered took

my name and number and said her manager would return my call. That never happened.
If you stay at Skyland, avoid Craigin. I don't think they should even be renting those rooms. No matter where you stay, inspect for bedbugs!

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August 19 2015: Stayed in one of the lodge rooms # 132.

The rooms are very old and poorly lit with a rustic appeal and wood paneling walls that have many hiding places.

Initial inspection of sheets and matress did not reveal bugs but during the night I kept waking up feeling as though there was something on me. Finally, I felt something crawling on my head and smacked it. I know now that it was a fully engorged bedbug that had been feeding on me! I killed it and it was full of blood


Later the next day I had over 20 very, very itchy bites from my feet up to my back and shoulders and wound up at the doctor who confirmed they were bedbug bites.

I did not actually notice the bites until after we checked out and was not absolutely sure (had never seen a bed bug before) until I did some research and went to the doctor.

I will be calling the hotel and asking for a refund at minimum.

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We booked a room at Skyland Lodge for April 11, 2015. When we checked the bed for bedbugs, found dried feces and bugs.

They then moved us to another room and that room also had active adults.

Our money was refunded for both rooms

14 September 2013--we stayed in the Pine Grove Cabin at Skyland Resort. We got home yesterday and a family member had shown signs of a break out--upon inspection, the marks were in a linear fashion and all over the arms, hands and shoulders. We have washed all of our items and will be reporting the incident to the resort this morning when they open.

Date: 6-9-2012
We discovered 2 bloodfilled nymphs on the sheets in the morning. We took apart the bed and found adult bedbugs on the underside of the boxspring. When we notified the front desk they sent a housekeeping inspector who removed the headboard and also found several behind there. We were in room 125 of the Skyland Resort. We were assured that they would immediately deal with the problem.

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