2520 Wasser Ter
Herndon, VA 20171-6177

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I stayed two nights at this hotel. After the second night my ankle was badly bitten. I am now in the process of trying to clean my bag and clothes before I get home.

I stay at this hotel for one night for a conference and not even a week later after returning home I woke up every night for almost a week with bite marks and red welts. I had Terminix come to my place to investigate and sure enough I had bed bugs. Since the extermination I have been fine however I think this hotel beeing as luxurious as it is should do a better job cleaning the beds and not just on top. Bed bugs are on the box spring and under the bed.

On July 22, 2011 I checked into this hotel which often has cheap rooms for 4 star hotel on the weekends. I live locally and had an argument with my husband and was looking for some peace and quiet while I gathered my thoughts. I checked in at about 12:30 I then climbed into one of two queen size beds and took a 2 hr nap. I then ordered food, ate, put my pants and top back on, grabbed my purse and a small bag and went home which was 10 minutes away. Just before arriving home I began to itch. Tod

ay is day 4 and I have had a miserable weekend. My arms, chest, face neck and stomach all have bites and welts. I phoned the hotel on saturday and spoke with manager Shawn who claimed the have never had a problem and stated that they would clean the room 'extensively'. Researching the subject and baed on my short duration and the extent of my bites, cleaning extensively is not a fix for this problem. I don't wish this on anyone which is why I am reporting this incident and it was room 542.

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